Co-creating visionary brands with future leaders.

Experience liberating relationships and results with yourself, your work, business, clients, partner, family, money, resources and everything else.

Integrating strategy, creativity and the intelligence of love to intuitively co-create your business + brand by design.

The world doesn't need more brands. It needs more people lit up and excited with their lives and what they are contributing. People so passionate about their great work, they inspire everyone in their orbit to feel: 'I want what they're having.'

As it's creator, it’s YOU who makes your work uniquely valuable.

For sure, you’ve floor-to-ceiling qualifications, experience and cred, but it’s what people deeply believe your service/products can help them do, that's what magnetises them to your brand, and compels them to buy from you. But, first you must believe this too.


When you value yourself the whole world values you.


Heart-centred co-creation is a transformational quest — that integrates your heart, head and gut so you walk your talk being your most magical and magnetic self, to build your future brand. 

Creating just from your mind will get you results but you'll never feel fulfilled or satisfied.


You'll get stuck or maybe you'll get all the external toys but you'll be caught in that relentless pursuit of more, more, more .... 

Do you want to be purposeful and profitable?

Are you ready to become
complicit in your own creation?



I am Eilish Bouchier.

Eilish, said like Irish...

replace the 'r' with an 'l' and you're there!

Creative director, brand strategist, designer and relationship alchemist. My work bridges the gap between the magical and material worlds (mission + money). The way I see it, work + life is a integrated practice inviting a deep connection with each of my clients, who are likely friends I just haven't met yet. 

This work came to me the real way, through the lived experience -building a highly profitable but unfulfilling business through the relentless pursuit of more, then experiencing the alchemy of divine will - rhythms, cycles and flow - to merge the magical and practical into aligned action. 

Through my work thousands of great women and men have designed their businesses + lives to work bountifully, blissfully and beautifully for them.

The stories you bring to your business and brand changes your relationship with them. This, in turn, changes the results.

With over 30+ years in the creative, tech and wellness industries I've created InsideOut* methodologies that build the relationships to get the results that matter to you.


Are you ready to design a business + life you love to live in and a brand legacy you’ll be proud to grow into.

Curious? Come, get to know me. . .


Activation - Integration - Transformation

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Brand Services

Co-creating with you. Designed for you.
Soul aligned vision, voice & visuals. Liberate your creativity with a clear and consistent brand system.

Business Programs

Online programs + support
Business and branding that works for you. Build something worthwhile.


Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga + Meditation: Live and Online
Energetic Mastery: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, align with the astro energy, self-mastery + flow . . .


2021 Retreat

Soul adventures with like-hearted souls.


Alchemy of Flow

A collective where heart-centred creatives meet to LEARN, CONNECT, AND GROW—blending intuition, strategy and action for entrepreneurship as purposeful, and profitable play.


Life + Business by Design for Designers, Art Directors, Photographers, Writers, Wellness + Lifestyle Coaches like Yogis, Foodies, Healers and Stylists ready for a clear success plan to take you from a pretty-stressed out seeker to a vibrant, confident visionary.




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