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Life + Business by design

A community to support your 
in your creative business.


Alchemy of Flow
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A better world needs visionary leaders — curious and courageous,
imaginative and visionary, 
bridge builders
for cosmic consciousness.

Your intuition led you here if you're a ...

creative professional - designer, artist, photographer, yoga + meditation teacher, bodyworker, consultant, healer, wellness professional, energy healer, and purpose led businesse. 


A Daily Practice

Lunar Brand Challenge

Let’s journey together to cultivate the power of reflection and self-awareness.

Elevate your brand. Cultivate trust. Deepen connection.





To reclaim our power and sovereignty.

To become the change we want to see.

To create businesses we love to live in.

To envision and build brands we are proud to grow into.

To consciously impact our world.

To balance our doing and being selves, our masculine and feminine energies.

To reconnect with the lunar and solar cycles and our own bio-rhythms.

To integrate our mind, body and spirit and privilege our soul’s journey.

To strengthen our grit and determination amidst the chaos.

To cultivate a relationship with the unknown.

To develop a reflective and creative practice so we can be fulfilled, generous and openhearted in our relationships with ourselves and everyone else.


Join me for Brand Lunar Challenge.

Right now we’ll all at home figuring out how to be good citizens, good workers, keep and build better relationships with the people we are in closer constant contact with that we ever imagined. Homes might be feeling smaller as they adjust to being workplaces, classrooms and more. Routines have been dismantled, lives have been disrupted and social lives are non-existent or being replaced with zoom cafes and  cocktails. While social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. How do you create some structure and systems to meet your obligations and keep your sanity.

Begin with a New Moon. During this challenge you’ll learn how to attune with the 29.5 day lunar cycle energy and rhythms to access your natural essence: adaptability, resilience, bio-rhythms, self-care practices, spiritual connection, intuition and learn about the rhythms and cycles within your work, business, life.

Commit to taking aligned actions with intention for your work and life.

You’ll love this if

  • You want to create more flow and harmony in how you schedule your work and life

  • You want to align your vision with your goals and consciously track your progress

  • You want to deepen your self-awareness to lead your life consciously

  • You already have a successful business or role within an organisation but you feel there’s got to be a better way

  • You want more time for yourself and others

  • You want more creativity and purposeful play, less anxiety and overwhelm

  • You want to walk your talk in leadership, communication and relationships

  • You’re interested in yogic technologies to grow your business and embody your leadership in a service-focused way

  • You see business as an opportunity for personal growth and professional expression and a place to nurture and empower others in a unique culture

What you’ll receive

New and Full Moon Yoga and Meditation

2/month Online Yoga and Meditation Workshops

A Daily Practice Notes and Journal

Introduction, philosophy and how to create a daily practice working with the 8 moon phases. Journal, Lunar Calendars, 8 Lunar Phase poster, Rituals

Online Community

All course materials: videos, notes, journals. References and resources. Connect with others. Share your experiences. Ask questions.

Join me

What you’ll learn to embody your brand and rock your rhythms to make your success inevitable

For less than a yoga class, A Daily Practice – Lunar Experiential Challenge guides you to tune into and unfold how the 8 moon phases and 12 signs of the zodiac are fundamental energy portals to purpose, prosperity and pleasure. This daily to lunar to solar practice, facilitates and guides you to evolve your work and business into its full realisation while evolving your personal power and leadership style – tapping into and evoking the parts of you that are deeply rooted in the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Together we’ll explore

  • Being bold and brave. Step up, speak up and self-direct your life to more fully develop and express your potential using your unique gifts. Apply them using your skills, experience and knowledge to help others create change with greater impact.

  • Understanding and connecting the macro and micro cycles that influence you rhythms and cycles – daily, solar to lunar, nature and universal cycles so you can develop your intuition and find your flow.

  • Transform your relationship with yourself, others, work, money, the earth, your body and everything else.

  • Develop your self-awarness. Release your resistance and accept what is so you can open to ease and find your grace in the grit.

  • Learn how to navigate the turbulent rollercoaster of 2020 in alignment with your soul’s journey.

  • Attune your unique rhythms in relationship with the moon’s phases and zodiacal themes to make aligned and smarter decisions for your wellbeing and growth.

  • Enjoy community support. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. More than ever, it’s time to come together, and support each other. This online challenge provides community, guidance and understanding—while we all stay at home.

Let’s dance with the moon’s feminine energy and weave a fresh collective magic.

We’ll begin with the astrological New Year (sun in Aries) or any New Moon. Let’s commit to journey inside so we can realise our more audacious dreams on the outside. Let’s ride the unprecedented Corona rollercoaster using tools and techniques to cultivate a daily practice that centres and holds us through the inevitable dips and crests. Intention, Action and Reflection with Review and Refinement is a healing art woven from design thinking, ancient philosophies and somatic practices. 

when you join, you'll get

  • Join for only $23 per month using your credit card

  • Monthly New Moon Group Strategy Sessions online ($150 value)

  • Monthly Themed Strategy Workbooks pdfs ($97 value)

  • Monthly practical business foundation exercises with accountability

  • Lunar Meditations Audio ($150 value)

  • Seasonal Planning group workshops in person/online ($600 value)

  • Private Collective Group Forum ($550 value)

  • Seasonal Personal Accountability Buddy ($600 value)

  • Alchemists of Flow Annual Planner pdf ($33 value)

  • Lunar Practice eBook ($33 value)

  • 2021 Lunar Calendar Poster pdfs ($27 value)

  • Lunar 8 Phases Poster pdfs ($33 value)

  • Monthly Healthy Wealth Creation Practices audio/pdfs ($297 value)

  • Guest Speakers on all topics Life + Business by Design ($327 value)

  • Access to Yoga and Meditation Library ($600 value)

  • Best friends and co-creators you haven't met yet (priceless)

Payment plans available

topics covered

​In this private community together you find support to explore and take actions on the foundations and framework, philosophy and practices, education and experiences needed to create your 'successful' life + business by your design:

  • Using your imagination to vision and your strategic mind to pan

  • Create the business you want to live in 

  • Processes + Practices to establish your expertise

  • One Page Business Plan

  • Content Batching and Rocking your Rhythms ($199 value)

  • Demystifying sales with Joseph Blaney ($99 value)

  • Wealth Creation practices to be a benefactor of your future self

  • How to Use the Akashic Records for Business + Life, Love and . . . ($199 value)

  • Pinterest to Drive Free Traffic to your website to grow ($199 value) 

  • Astrology for Business Success with Anne Louise Holland of Venus & Vesta ($99 value)

  • Express Yourself with Light and Sound Channel Louise Charman James ($99 value) 

  • Leaders in Kind with Skye Garside ($99 value)

Payment plans available

Imagine an engaging and thriving intuitive business community with supportive fellow co-creators and collaborators, without the hustle and overwhelm. A place you can talk strategy and soul, content and crystals, dreaming and divining, impact and influence, money and mastery.

Whether your vision is to finally launch your idea into the world or to uplevel your business to 6+ figures so you can have more impact and influence, Academy of Flow Success Practice and community is here to support and inspire you. 

Payment plans available

The gateway is the Alchemists of Flow Practice

It's like ordering intuitive, visionary leader roadmap on your most audacious Christmas wish list, and then being amazed when Kris Kringle drops it right in your lap. Wazoo! 

I created this framework — complete with accountability, teachings and tailored content — to fill all the 'gaps in your education' for intuitive entrepreneurs and creative leaders, because as yet there's no blueprint for heart-centred intuitive business yet (though my
InsideOut Practice has been often described as better than an MBA!)

I built this curriculum to weave all the multidimensional  aspects of intuitive entrepreneurship and leadership, and to sew them together in a way that felt organic, generative, inspiring and with easy to use everyday tools too.

Mysticism, magic, intuition, integrative wellness and conscious business practices fit together like hand-made gloves. They inform and support each other, and expand how we as leaders show up.


You don't need more to do as an entrepreneur. You need to trust yourself to be whom your business needs you to be so you get done what matters to get the results that move the needle today, as you journey towards yours vision, all aligned and lit up.


Alchemy of Flow is a simple to learn practice that develops your intuition and self-trust and makes your success inevitable.

Dreaming and crafting a clear success plan from solar goals to monthly lunar intentions guiding you from a pretty-stressed seeker to a vibrant aligned visionary.

You can cross that off your to do list. Handled!

Payment plans available


Emma, Team Leader

Eilish, I love your work—you take the fluff out and make it accessible and real.

Louise, Healer

'I always walk away with a different perspective, expanded and inspired. Feeling I so needed that and thinking I would never have thought of that. And it makes so much sense.'

Jackie, Content Creator

'That's exactly what I do and that's exactly who they are. I've been going round and round in my head for months and you've done it in minutes. OMG I knew I should have come sooner.'

So, here's a taste of falling in love with your future...

  • Everyday you're connected with a supportive divine, diverse, inspiring group of likeminded leaders exchanging ideas, tools and tips

  • You are growing your sphere of influence, impact, clients, impact, revenue and resources beyond what you could ever imagined possible. 

  • You know where you're going and you know what to do next because you've got a proven success plan to follow.

  • Wow! Not only is all of this possible, we’ve created the gateway to help get you there 10x faster. 

  • Business + Life by your design is sweet!



Closes December 21

Payment plans available


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  • I can’t wait to see you in there!

  • You will be added to our private network with all details of events, conversations and topics within 24 hours of us receiving your payment.

Always love  xx Eilish

Payment plans available
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