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Alchemy of Flow


Welcome to our inclusive collective of heart-centred creatives creating well-being and wealth for everyone. Join Alchemy of Flow community to talk all things Life + Work by Design, well-being and doing good, mysticism, magic, intuition, business, branding, identity and more. Connect with co-creators and friends you just haven't met yet and have been dreaming of meeting (OMG! is this where they've been?), engage in open-minded thought sharing, and learn unique tips and tricks that aren't shared elsewhere (not even my weekly email or blog) Practical Tools: business models, business visioning, branding, strategy, editorial calendars, email lists and the mystical Practical Magic: Lunar, Meditation, Magic, Intuition, Tantra, Akashic Records, Daily Practice, Subconscious Cleansing, Shadow Work. Yes, it's beyond cool and you're way beyond ready for a place to bring all of you: your weird, wonderful, multi-dimensional and curious self.

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