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#5 desire – a daily practice

via unsplash photographer Kristina Flour

via unsplash photographer Kristina Flour

Say it out loud. Desire. Just saying it sounds sensuous and a little forbidden. Desire. Fancy pondering your desires today. The real question is.

Can you allow yourself to have what you say you really want?

And do you even know what that is? If so, have you spoken it out loud? Have you written it down? Have you told your partner, your friends, your boss, your clients? And . . .

Who would you have to be?

What would you have to give up to be the person who accomplishes this goal or becomes ‘this desire’?

I trust you know it’s not the new car, house, job or partner (they are sure to happen along the way). It’s who you want to be and how you’ll feel as you go about your day and your life sharing ‘this desire’ with the world.

When you get clear on who you are and you know what matters, it’s easy to let go of the distractions between you and your desires. Accomplishing them then becomes what feels like effortless effort. You move towards them with focused action as you magnetise them towards you. It’s in the doing you become your desire. It’s not linear goal setting that is so soul destroying and one dimensional, it’s an expansion of who you are into who you want to become, step by step aligned with this bigger vision of yourself.

Superficial desires come from ego — comparing and contrasting yourself with others. From thinking — not feeling — that your life would be better if something external changed. But there’s always more: a bigger and better house, boat, job, body, partner, holidays; and your ego will still not be satisfied. Your ego ensures its employment by you striving and never arriving, never quite being enough.

Can you get clear on what you really desire?

What actually matters?

Can you allow yourself to have what you say you really want?

Today feel into your desires, what really lights and fills you up, what makes you smile, what delights you.

Here’s the meditation (starts at 2.50 minutes).

Enjoy your day

Check in on instagram and let me know how you are doing. Please use these tags #consciouscreation #adailypractice #40daychallenge

PS I am late with my part of our commitment. My apologies. I had this marvellous idea that I’d shoot a video this morning to show you the meditation rather than tell you. It took so much less time than to write, but as technology would have it, uploading it has been, shall we say ‘challenging’. It’s still uploading 🙂 I will post it in the next few days. I then didn’t have time to write before I drove from Orange and go to the Sydney Festival’s Trees of Codes — the set design by Olafur Eliasson was spectacular, the dance great in parts but repetitive and as the Guardian review suggested a little heartless. See you much earlier tomorrow. Thank you for being here x e

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