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Being reborn again and again

Scorpio is often considered the most powerful sign. It is certainly one of the most challenging. Those born under this sign are often seen as the most powerful and for sure they can be challenging.

Scorpio doesn’t suffer fear lightly.

If you are a Scorpion sun refusing to live by the rules of your own sign: transformation through death (of your identity, way of being, habits) to be reborn, you’re likely inviting a rough ride.

But don’t worry none of us are escaping. (I have a Scorpio moon)

The reason I observe the lunar cycles and keep banging on about cycles, rhythms, daily practices is they contain Universal Laws. They are bigger than you and bigger than us. We ignore them at our peril.

Scorpio New Moon reminds us once more. There is always more depth to divine, more to release, surrender and transform into something else. Rumi tells us

‘Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.’

It is when you open the wound that the healing begins, when you allow yourself to fully feel, that the light comes in, the surrendering begins, and transcendence is the next step. Enantiodromia is an ancient Greek concept (introduced by Jung) where anything fully felt becomes it opposite. We see this in the natural world where nature is always seeking balance. Any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance. Fire, water, air are used to clear so the land can begin to produce again. In the psyche deepest grief can return us to the experience of joy. Deep loneliness can lead us towards communion with others.

We have for too long being future focused, missing out lives while desiring what’s next. Not owning that what has passed has created now.

When will we begin to get that being here right now is the best and only way to create the future.Future tripping has been tripping us Click To Tweet

When we accept the present. It becomes this peaceful gift of love and beauty.

So it’s no wonder we don’t like our present we have been and continue to worry ourselves into it. And, worry is a prayer for what we don’t want to happen.

Can you bring love to this moment? If so you’re creating it for the next one and on it goes. It’s the only way to create the future you really want to live in. Do it now and it becomes your future.

Wake up. Bring forgiveness to all that has happened. All the anger, wars, disrespect, patrimony, enslavement, disempowerment. It is not in retelling these awful stories we will find peace and power to change them. It’s time to live a different present that creates a new future.

There is so much talk about the rise of the divine feminine Yes, it’s about time but please, please, please acknowledge this is not just about women. It’s about the patriarchy disenfranchising women and so much more: other men, through enslavement, racism, difference, class. And humans are just where it begins let’s not start with the environment.

I truly believe it’s time to move beyond the gender conversation. I believe it's time for everyone male and female to embrace and accept the feminine aspect of their nature to seek the balance in themselves, they wish to see Click To Tweet in the natural, human, animal and commercial worlds. It’s time to recognise we are all perfectly imperfect: while special, equal, and unique. And it is in these differences your beauty lies (and your brand).

When you bring love to this moment, You’re creating it for the next one And on it goes.

This is the only way to create the future you want to live in. Create it now and it becomes your future.

Will there be challenges? For sure. Will there be gifts? For sure. Will you be able to meet them? For sure.

It’s a game. The game of life. Play it full out and have fun with it. Accept your losses with compassion for yourself and others. Celebrate your wins with compassion for yourself and others. They are all part of who you are becoming.

Only you can choose who that will be.

Set your intention with the ritual here or allow it to find you in your thoughts, feelings in your day.

And share because of course we are all in this together. And it’s more fun when we play nicely.

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