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Crystal of the Week – Aventurine


Aventurine is the stone of opportunity. I’m in the mood for opportunity. Are you?

As I write this I am sitting in my hotel in Jaipur. I’ve been here almost a week developing some new designs.

It’s always amazing to see your ideas become real but more on that later. Certainly a wonderful opportunity.

But I digress, back to Green Aventurine It is said it is enough to be within the sphere of green aventurine to feel its effect. This beautiful stone, however, is not merely an attractor of luck, but one that aligns conditions so ‘opportunity’ is inevitable.

Carry one in your left pocket if you go for a job interview, a first date or even buy a lottery ticket. (all for your highest good and for the highest good of all of course)

Of course one needs to open ones heart to see the many opportunities that are presented to us each day We often miss them because we are so focused on our work, our problems or our story.

It helps bring optimism and joy to daily life, allowing you to move forward with confidence and to embrace change.

Naisha Ashian of The Crystal Ally cards says

Green Aventurine is that of spring bursting forth after a long, dark winter.

Green Aventurine helps release old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.

Each moment and obstacle is an opportunity for growth, adding to your storehouse of wisdom so you can stop repeating the same drill and move closer to the person you want to become. It also helps you retain your sense of humor and openness to new ideas. As Oscar Wilde said ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: I move forward with optimism, confidence and an open heart.

Where can you see opportunities today? What opportunities can you see today? To make a new friend, to help, to smile, to respond differently, to say what you really feel, to spoil yourself, to laugh at yourself The best conversations happen in the blog. See you over there. Have a great week

PS Also check out my Visualisation in Action workshop which is about moving forward and getting into action. We are here to co create with the Universe The full moon is on Friday. I will post the Full Moon ritual It’s a great time to complete and let go what no longer serving you.

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