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Crystal of the Week – Fluorite

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I am amused that I could pull Fluorite as Crystal of the Week after returning from a weekend in Melbourne of celebration and over indulgence at a friend’s 40th.

Fluorite you see is the stone of Self Discipline

It reminds us that we sometimes have to rely on ourselves for everything we need. We cannot always call on the support of others.

We need to hold our own centre. We must learn to walk our own path.

Its all about order, concentration and grounding while allowing us connection with our higher selves, where we can tap into Universal frequencies.

It brings in information from our guides and spirits to apply in practical ways on the earth plane.

It discourages the habit of spacing out or only working with the higher chakras. It helps those sensitive to energy stay grounded. It aids the light body to work with the physical body helping concepts and ideas become reality.

It reminds us of the necessity of developing discipline in our lives to  fulfill our purpose. These disciplines serve us to bring our mind and body into alignment with each other and with our spirit.

This is about consciously choosing our thoughts, words and actions to evolve ourselves into the people we wish to become.

As I frequently say

Be who you wish to become.

It is through our daily habits that we create our present moments and also build our futures.

It’s walking our talk.



The affirmation for Fluorite is

My body is a reflection of my mind. My mind is a reflection of my spirit. I am a reflection of Divine Light.

It reminds me that once more I am human and while I can be self disciplined I sometimes stray but in my book that’s more than ok. It also reminds me of my favourite mantras

Everything in moderation and even moderation in moderation

My daily disciplines among others are: yoga, writing, coffee (1 and no more than 2), always something raw on my plate, gratitude journal, visualisation, meditation and and and . . . .

Tell me in the comments below what are yours. What works for you? and what would you like to do daily that you don’t?

Also check out my Visualisation in Action workshop which is exactly what fluorite is all about.

Have a great week


PS It’s a new moon on Friday so I’ll be posting a new Moon mediation on wed. Make sure to check in and put it in your diary. It’s a great time to set some intentions for the next cycle

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