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Facing a crisis

I went to see David Mc Williams last night.

He is known for predicting the housing bubble would burst in Ireland as early as 2003. How right he was.

He was funny, entertaining and informative and reminded me of all those things in the Irish character I miss and love so well. Of course speaking to a mainly Irish audience he could make use of full array of cultural references from the Dublin taxi driver, Eugene the doctor, The Good Room (title of his new book)

He was talking about the economic crisis Ireland is in and gave three points on how to face it or any other crisis.

Define your reality not as you would like it to be but as it is. Do something about it Do not postpone it. Face into it.

These can be applied to any area of life and God knows we all face little and large crises of our own as we go through this mysterious and fabulous adventure called life. (You can easily tell I was raised in Ireland with the liberal use of God, Jaysus and expletives in my language 🙂

Where can you apply his advice in your life right now? What actions are you going to take today to do something about it?

No postponing now:-)

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