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Going with the flow . . .


Cascades (Photo credit: BlueRidgeKitties)

We hear this over and over again. Does this mean never planning anything, just allowing life to take you in its relentless flow, never having an agenda never saying ‘No!!’ like a woman in a Spanish shoe store.

Going with the flow, means anything but the above. It’s a verb in action. There’s nothing milk or water about it.

Going with the flow is having a clear vision, holding it consistently in view, and then getting out of your own way while you take the steps to get ‘there’.

You start by taking the next small obvious towards it, You let go of ‘the how’ and the specific end. You stay tuned to the opportunities, the serendipitous little signs that show up that move towards your vision.

You respond to the questions. You move into the answers. You are disciplined without being rigid. You are hardworking without being slavish.

You direct without being a control freak. You are fussy without being a perfectionist. You listen and you speak. You share and you receive. You navigate and you follow. You merge and you separate.

Most of all, you co-create with the Universe for your highest good and the highest good of others.

You allow yourself to be surprised. You allow yourself to bend like a bamboo, while being firmly held by your roots.

You don’t make what happens right or wrong, You don’t make it good or bad. You work with what is. You tune in and take your lead with intention and purpose from the cosmic flow.

You allow yourself to be absorbed like a child playing a game, completely immersed, lost to the moment intent and focused, present and certain.

You hold your space where amidst the chaos, the madness and the noise, and the circus that can often be life. You sit amongst it as I am now and do what you need to because you have a feeling that this is exactly what you need to do.

Do you know exactly why in this moment? or what the next moment will bring? NO, NO, NO, but you know it’s all part of the journey.

Life is a mystery. Surrender to it and enjoy. Smile at the signs. Be wide-eyed with the possibilities. Be grateful for it all, and keep your faith with your heart which somehow already knows where you need to be. Was it Jobs who said that?

Can you allow yourself to go with the flow?


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