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Happy Independence Day

English: The New York City fireworks over the ...

English: The New York City fireworks over the East Village of New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is 4th of July. I’m upstate New York.

I arrived last night and spent the first 30 minutes getting throughly soaked to the skin, trying to arrest a pool of water that was rapidly filling outside my friend’s back door from a newly formed waterfall; a result of a hurricane sweeping the east coast.

It had been predicted to hit the city but my friend there had earlier assured me they had had no rain. We got theirs and then some.

It has rained almost consistently since.

The plans to go watch the fireworks at Tanglewood were shelved. The plans for walks and lounging in Kate’s beautiful garden were replaced by endless cups of tea while watching the rain and her newly drenched garden from her ‘great room’ with floor to ceiling windows.

Later in the afternoon the sun put in an appearance and we collected ourselves lazily to take a drive through New Paltz – a Huguenot town that dates back to the mid 1600s – (which is old around here) complete with beautiful old stone houses that would not look out of place in SW France or Southern England.

We then climbed to see the waterfall at Minnewaska State Park. I quite fancied a swim but the storm had invested it with a whole new power so I settled with a paddle along it fast flowing edges.

Awosting Falls in Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Awosting Falls in Minnewaska State Park Preserve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow now I understand how Kate said she never saw it so strong. This is how it was today. Eilish Bouchier

Later our fireworks were replaced with Kundalini Yoga courtesy of me, and celestial journeys by Kate a gifted Ascension and sound healer with her crystals bowls and gongs.

Our own rather independent celebration.

Trust your 4th and 5th was a wonderful celebration too


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