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How to use your mala?


How to use your Mala Beads in your Meditation

Malas are a wonderful way to consciously create. They invite you to sit with your intention and focus on it for the full 27, 54 or 108 beads. Here’s a few tips

  1. Choose a spot and sit comfortably legs crossed on the floor, making sure your sit bones are firmly on the ground, with your spine straight and your eyes closed. If you are sitting on a chair make sure you feet are flat on the floor, preferably with your feet naked. Bring your chin towards your chest to elongate your spine. Take a few deep breaths to center and align yourself with your intention.

  2. If you have one, use a mantra or affirmation for this practice or here’s a prosperity mantra. Chant it aloud or silently.

  3. Hold your mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru (largest) bead, use your thumb to pass to each smaller bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra. Do this 108 times, cycling through the mala, until you once again reach the guru bead.

  4. If you want to continue the meditation, instead of passing over the guru bead, simply reverse direction and begin again.

  5. Always end at the guru bead. Giving thanks to your inner teacher and sending a blessing to yourself.

As with all things, maintain unattached to the outcome while committed to the process. You are co-creating with the Universal energies for your highest good and the higest good of all. Always ask for this or something greater. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted. Enjoy and may all your needs, wants and desires come to fruition.


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