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Is your brand relationship ready?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As enter the room and look around the sea of people for a familiar face you notice someone new. Their eyes smile, you take another look, there’s an energy about them that draws you in. They notice you too and you smile back. Later you find a way into their group, then you ask a direct question. Days later there may be a coffee, then a movie, dinner, a walk as you discover more, unfolding your stories, developing trust, deepening your intimacy. At any stage you risk rejection because something jars or worse nothing happens because of neglect. The job of your brand is to nurture the relationship at each touchpoint to reinforce the feeling of that first glance, first conversation, and the delight of possibility to deepen the connection until your client confirms your offerings are perfect for what they want to accomplish. The purpose of the branding process is to unearth, articulate and amplify your uniqueness and build those joyful YES’ into every encounter before they commit, and then in every experience they have with your products or services so they return for more, and better still, glowingly refer you to others. If your want to check if your brand is relationship ready or you want to audit where your romancing skills are falling short. Download my brand checklist here

I’d love to hear how you go and please share using the icons below with your fellow adventurers in business

Image with thanks to everton-vila

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