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New Moon in Aquarius – True to ourselves. True to all.

how gorgeous is this?

how gorgeous is this?

Aquarius is the water bearer. This New Moon brings signs of the individual fluency within the collective. Asking us to be true to our own truth, while acknowledging it is not the only truth.

There are big truths that none of us can argue with, and beyond these universal truths, are our own versions of the truth.

In the end we all want love, liberty, and happiness.

Ask each of us what that means and you’d have as many versions as the 8 billion humans who share this planet. Yet I suspect not many people really know what truth really means for them.

If you’re reading this you’re privileged so you’re likely in a world where you are chasing your dreams, and I’m going to propose likely a little exhausted with the pursuit while not entirely sure what that means.

Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this lately. Do I want my big dreams?

Really, really, really want them and if so, why have I not created them. I’m capable, skilled, creative and immensely qualified.New Moon in Aquarius - Truth Time -I've realised I am actually living my dream. Sure there are a few burrs that need removing but overall life's pretty damn good. Click To Tweet

I love what I do for work. I like who I am being and who I am becoming while I do it. I have great clients and meet great people doing it. I feel very blessed and loved by my family and friends And I love you all too. I live in a pretty fantastic place. I get to create my day, my week, my life.

Yes, I’d like there to be more income and for it to be predictable. Yes, I’d like a loving, supportive, romantic, adventurous relationship. Yes, I’d like to lose a few kilos And I’d like to move to a house with a garden outside the city.

But those I have no doubt are in the ether waiting for me to get out of my own way so they can land in a ‘real way’.

But back to my dreams. Do I really want to go to Spain where I don’t speak the language like a ‘r’ rolling native? (not that I speak like a native here either :-), risk everything to build a creativity centre (where I know some gorgeous people – but not that many of them)

Imagine the stress and the pressure. Imagine the doubts and consequential lack of sleep.

So the truth is, my truth is, what is important is where I am surrounded by the people I love and who support me doing what I love to do, connecting with people who want to hear from me (big, big kiss and hugs to you all)

Does it mean you I won’t go in the future? Who knows. But it’s not important. What is, is being where I am now.

Which begs the question because we all know this is so not about me:-)

What’s your truth? What do you really want? Who do you really want to be?

Are you living your dream? Any part of it? Many parts of it? And if not, why not? Do you need to change your point of view, your perspective, your frame of reference?

Do you know what you really, really want? And would it really make you feel the way you want to feel? If not what would?

We have the opportunity in whatever our circumstances to feel our individual freedom while we encourage others to feel theirs as we respect the Earth that endlessly serves us and the animals we share it with.

That was a big sentence that might warrant rereading but bloody hell. It’s true, we do:-)

As the delightful Cathy Pagano reminds us

“Many of us want to live in a grown-up world, where people actually are courteous, creative, cooperative and capable. Where each of us is responsible for the world we live in.

This New Moon is a big big energy, reminding us of all of this. Gratitude, attitude, practice, work and play. Uranus (awakener) who also rules Aquarius is hanging out with Aries (initiator). Saturn is still waving its weight around so there are lessons to be learned giving us strength and perseverance to commit and know we truly can create our long term visions but there’s focused work and implementation needed.

Revise your solar goals for 2016. Recommit and get into action.

Be free while you honour your obligations. Be creative and disciplined. Be innovative and focused. Above all be clear and

Challenge those habits and patterns that derail you. There’s an opportunity with these energies release them for once and for all (Pluto)

Divine Harmony encourages us

“Any area of life that is begging for a change- this New Moon will help you make it happen! Yet it’s up to each of us to discern what areas of life need change and what we are willing to do about it.

So sit with this New Moon energy. Tune in and really assess where you are at. How’s your mind, your body, your emotions, your spirit.

Really feel into what’s working. Celebrate it. What keeps tripping you up? Are you ready to release it?

Who you really feel yourself to be? Who do you present yourself as? Are they the same, different or worlds apart?

There are no rights or wrongs here. For you or anyone else. Comparisonitis is so last epoch (Piscean Age)

Come to sit with yourself in acceptance, in love, in harmony, in stillness, Feeling into the reality of now.

Knowing that even as you accept yourself fully and wholly does not mean you don’t want to change anything.

Conscious change takes courage. Yes it will be challenging. But you become the director, the benevolent dictator of your own story.

Go inside, feel into where you’re really at, what you really want, who you really are. Go to your source. You have to go in to make it outside. It’s not scary in there unless you are:-) And while you might be a tiger on the outside. We’re all pussycats inside.

See you there:-)

With love and gratitude. Please share because as Aquarius will attest we are all in this together. And it’s so much more fun to play together.

x Eilish

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