New Moon in Aquarius – True to ourselves. True to all.

how gorgeous is this?

how gorgeous is this?

Aquarius is the water bearer. This New Moon brings signs of the individual fluency within the collective. Asking us to be true to our own truth, while acknowledging it is not the only truth.

There are big truths that none of us can argue with, and beyond these universal truths, are our own versions of the truth.

In the end we all want love, liberty, and happiness.

Ask each of us what that means and you’d have as many versions as the 8 billion humans who share this planet. Yet I suspect not many people really know what truth really means for them.

If you’re reading this you’re privileged so you’re likely in a world where you are chasing your dreams, and I’m going to propose likely a little exhausted with the pursuit while not entirely sure what that means.

Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this lately. Do I want my big dreams?

Really, really, really want them and if so, why have I not created them. I’m capable, skilled, creative and immensely qualified.New Moon in Aquarius - Truth Time -I've realised I am actually living my dream. Sure there are a few burrs that need removing but overall life's pretty damn good. Click To Tweet

I love what I do for work. I like who I am being and who I am becoming while I do it. I have great clients and meet great people doing it. I feel very blessed and loved by my family and friends And I love you all too. I live in a pretty fantastic place. I get to create my day, my week, my life.

Yes, I’d like there to be more income and for it to be predictable. Yes, I’d like a loving, supportive, romantic, adventurous relationship. Yes, I’d like to lose a few kilos And I’d like to move to a house with a garden outside the city.