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New Moon in Scorpio – Let Go and Let God

Beautiful illustration by Melanie Sie via Pinterst

A Scorpio new moon is deep and transformational. Scorpio is happy in the darkness, at home with the mystery. Deeply feminine she embraces the unknown. She allows life to lead her into its depths, surrendering to its beauty knowing that everything that dies/ends will be reborn as something else.

Holy Moly If only it was that easy. And the truth is it is:-)

So here goes –

What part of your life – work, relationships, wellness, beliefs, values, no longer fits like clothes from another epoch. What part stands out like a sore thumb but you’re still clinging to its knees, like a forlorn two year old

It’s time. Scorpio’s here to clear.

New Moons are beginnings, It’s time for intention setting for this cycle.

Full Moons (in 2 weeks) cast light on the shadows that stand in the way of realising those intentions so we can release them from the dark crevices: bring them to the light and allow the new to ground.

Scorpio reminds us that the surface belies what runs beneath. It’s not to be trusted. Even a still lake must have a flow or it will become stagnant. Think of the swan all serene and regal paddling like a rickshaw driver.

It is what lies beneath that sustains us. Emotions, fashion, that handsome charmer. It’s just distraction from the main event

What sustains you is your essence, core beliefs, core strength, grit.

It’s that 20% of your wardrobe you wear 80% of the time. It’s the 20% of your clients that bring 80% of the work.

Your power is inside you, feel it, know it and hold it.

Do you know what is nearing its end for you? Do you know what’s calling you? Can you let go and Let God take you there?

As Kelly Rosano reminds us

“The Scorpio New Moon message
is to trust your instincts.
The mind can fool you.
The eyes and ears can fail you. 
Your heart can lead you astray
Use your inner power. . . 
Strengthen your intuition.
It is like a muscle.
Build it up. 
The more you use it.
The stronger your intuition becomes.'

As the Dalai Lama, Yogi Bhajan and many other sages would attest; this is why we meditate.

Scorpio is cosying up with Pluto. Scorpio is passion. Pluto is power. What are of your life needs these.

Mine are finances and relationships. My finances have been shaky for a while now, My relationships have been revealing what’s surface and what’s deeper. Both are shwoing where I’m not in alignment. It’s been a challenging while. I feel I am on the edge of breakdown or breakthrough.

I’m choosing breakthrough. What will you choose?

It’s challenging me and calling me to course correct with a cat call not a soft meow:-) My new jewel collections are part of this, (new website up in the next few days) as is the delay in the release of Version 2 of the ap

Scorpio is saying I can transform. It’s time to. It’s saying you can transform. It’s time for you too:-)

Rebuild now. what are we waiting for?

There’s a lot of creative power available. Mercury abounds. It rules your mind, how you think, how you talk to your self and others. Are you replaying the same old tunes or are you in the flow of the new sound vibrations.

Embrace change it is exciting. There’s always somethings new to learn, to feel, to know.

We are all just like onions with multiple skins to shed. The new ones always fit much better than the worn out faded, shabby and tattered ones.

Was it Ingrid Bergman who refused to have her wrinkles airbrushed saying ‘I’ve earned them.’

Kelly Rosano also instructs to follow the North Node on the Moon. It’s in Virgo – practical, organised Virgo. It’s going to be here til May 2017. It’s about your promise to the Universe. Why you have come, what you have to offer (we all have something 🙂 What can you teach? How can you serve? It’s now the time to lift the curtains and show us what you’ve got. We’re waiting with bated breath.

The South Node is in Pisces, idealistic dreamy Pisces. Don’t be going there right now. Discard the illusions, the drugs the alcohol whatever addictions and distractions that keep you from grounding and moving forward. You’re here. Give us the present of your presence.

Wow and we’ve also got Mars action which is about to drop into harmonious balanced Libra. Code for using your energy to create peaceful and harmonious relationships. Harmony in action. Love in action.

On that note set a loving, trusting intention. Mine is Let Go. Let God. (In Kundalini Yoga God is the Generator, Organiser and Destroyer. Here’s a great meditation to remind you of the cycles of everything.

Get all loved up with what you know you’re here to create, Give it room to breathe, to ruminate, then scream it from the rooftops, on the street, in the office and anywhere else on your beat. Do it gently, loudly or discreet. We’ve all got our own way. Trust yours is reaching whoever it is supposed to meet.

Here’s the ritual or if you prefer

Draw a bath, overflowing with bubbles, light a candle, go skinny dipping whatever makes you feel super sexy, feminine and in command.

It’s your life go make it.

Please please share after all we are all in this together. And there’s someone you know who’s ready to shed their old selves too.

Enjoy and do let me know how you go. Until the full moon

But before you go here are the New Moon times where ever you are.

I’m teaching Kundalini Yoga each Friday at the Yoga Collective Manly on Pittwater Road at 6:00

Also Visualisation in Action is scheduled for Sunday December 6th. It’s the perfect time to reflect, discover, visualise and create so you’re all ready for the New Year. I’ve refined it to make the plans more stickable. We all need superglue to ground them:-) I’d love to see you there. Please email if you have any questions.

And for the jewel lovers among you. Here are my market dates for the next few weeks

Saturdays 14 and 28 November 5 and 19 December 8:00 – 13:00 Orange Grove Organic Food Market cnr Balmain Road and Perry Street

Saturday 21 November 8:00 – 16:00 Avalon Market Day main Street Avalon x

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