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Sagittarian New Moon – Tune in, Visualise, Aim, Shoot, Go. Repeat Daily.

It’s an inspiring new moon and that means breathing new life into you, into your life, your relationships, your work, wherever in your world you choose to IN SPIRE.

Venus is hanging out at the exact same degree so use the feeling to infuse your world, (not just your tea) with what you love, what lights you up.

Sagittarius is a true Aquarian sign

It’s about collaboration, about getting excited, enthused and sharing that with others to inspire and gather support.

Join forces to make something even better, maybe something bigger or it might just be bolder, cleaner, truer but definitely more you.

Sagittarius is also the visionary sign It is about being limitless, projecting to the future you, the fearless you, not the you of today but the you you want to live into

What would you do if you suddenly forgot all the I can’ts, I shouldn’ts, What will my mother, father, family, friends, or colleagues say.

What would your fearless warrior create?

The sun has room to move in Sag; just beware of impulsive or erratic actions. This is about visioning direct from your soul, going within to create without.

Amid all this positivity do note that the energies can get a little giddy stepping into the Sagittarius sun after all that diving deep in nothing superficial Scorpio.

Jupiter abounds as does Chiron, the wounded healer who is stationary for a day or two more. He reminds us of our deep wounds, You know those parts of you that feel unloved or unloveable. Spend a little time with them, Try acceptance or better full blown release.

There’s really nothing to be gained from hanging onto the past, even yesterday.

I had a moment, well a week earlier this year (August) where I realised I needed to forgive myself for who I was in my marriage. It was a week of completely spontaneous waterworks, crying for every and no reason It completely changed the energy that I had no idea even needed changing.

So trust your heart, trust your soul. Somehow it already knows.

Do also heed that Saturn is still hanging out so Sag’s truth seeking, freedom loving must be accompanied with discipline. My sister tells her children

Freedom is the right to discipline yourself

When Yogi Bhajan was asked what was his secret to his radiance, success and power. He answered with one word ‘sadhana’ which means daily spiritual practice. It’s a discipline I cannot recommend highly enough. It has held me through more changes (code for upheaval) in my life than I could recount in days, weeks and hours.

So settle in tomorrow night for a few minutes or an hour and do the ritual. Here’s a prosperity meditation I posted recently to do beforehand to ensure a deeper visualisation

It’s an inspirational and visionary new moon after all. Here’s the ritual . This time instead of burning your intentions, you could bury them as though seeding them to grow. Either is perfect. Do whatever is easier:-) (My mantra Easy? Hard? Let’s go with easy. As long as no one gets hurt)

Now It’s almost time to turn another year and perfect time for a shameless suggestion that you come to my Visualisation in Action workshop in Tamarama next Sunday, November 30th

But before that, I’ll be hosting a New Moon meditation tomorrow evening there with the lovely Sol who will lead us in with some yoga. I’ll then do a meditation and the visualisation, followed by chai and treats.

We’ll be flowing with a peaceful warrior theme. We’ll start at 6:00 until 8:30pm, Come here if it resonates It’s always wonderful to do these in sangat (community) and feel the group energy. There are more details here.

The last full moon gathering was quite magical.

Do let me know how you go. I’ve been back three weeks now and feeling really ready to get some things into action, so I’ll be using this new moon to go deeper with these intentions.

Version 2 of the app is almost ready. (Top tip. It’s good time to buy it, as it is moving to a subscription model. If you buy now you’ll get 6 months free when version 2 is released) I am putting Visualisation in Action on line and doing a dedicated one for couples (after all what is a partnership but a shared vision). I bet you’ll learn new things about each other and also wonderful to take that time together (do email if you are interested)

I’m also working on another course that builds on visualising so you can truly build your business in alignment with your soul, really tuning into those intuitive skills.

My next year is about putting those structures in place to create real sustainability so I can focus on creation, because that’s what I love to do. Watch this space new website coming soon.

Love to hear what’s coming up for you Come over here and tell me

Sending you love and blessings wherever you are under this wonderful new moon.


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