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The devil’s in the detail – Virgo New Moon

I’ve just been to the European Yoga festival with 3000 other kundalini yogis.

Intense and in moments testing just like this new moon. Think flash floods, and 62 minutes poses and that’s just for starters,

I came to tell them about my Kundalini Yoga app which is all about the daily practice and that’s what this new moon is about too.

This moon is early Tuesday am August 26 for the Antipodeans and Monday for the rest of us. Virgo as we know is all dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. Not that you would know looking at my darling Virgo sister’s desk but have no doubt she’s got the details in place underneath a surface of disarray.

Virgo is methodical and consistent. Sustainable practice is its thing.

Now don’t despair if you feel your life is not looking like an IKEA catalogue or a Kikkik store. Colour co-ordination can later 🙂

It’s time to bring your attention to your soul’s guidance and act on it with this new moon. You know where in your life needs time and attention.

But slow and steady. Rome doesn’t have to be built in a day this time either.

Choose one thing – maybe the most gnarly or the most pressing and iron it out do it stays wrinkle free!

What habits could be refined Striking a graceful line between perfection and flow?

We’re into deep details here. Surface gloss are for another day.

We all know its exhausting to deal with the same shite again and again, to pretend its not there. Dig deep. Clear it then feel the fresh clear water Let it wash all over you and hold this feeling. This is what you work for. Not easy to get there but you can. You will in slow patience steps.

I had some digging deep on the weekend. Some physical some mental, some emotional. None of it pretty:-) As its grounding Virgo let’s go with a physical example While exploring more beautiful calas (bays) in stunning Mallorca punctuated with swims here and there I stepped on a sea anemone now renamed the unseen enemy.

Others were swimming and it’s the Mediterranean so seemed perfectly safe – on the surface. Less than 2 metres in my foot encountered the unseen enemy OUCH and OUCH. I have no doubt it won. A friend and I were fully occupied for more than an hour removing spines from my now punctured foot. Painful is an understatement. We first had to locate a needle and then had to go around each of the black spines and get underneath them Breaking skin with a needle tip, Pushing and prodding the now often bloody surface

If we tried to extract it too close, too soon, we could break the spine but not get to the root If we went too close in, the same thing. Patience and one piercing spine at a time When they eventually emerged they were tiny and short Each time I was amazed that something so small could cause such discomfort; much like the small details we try to ignore

There was a need for deep slow breathing, less need likely for all the cursing and swearing. I am irish after all:-) Moments of rest when the pain became too intense but I now have a spine free if pin cushioned foot.

A clear reminder you only ever have to get to the next breath You don’t have to do it all at once. Truly, no one is looking no matter how red your face gets or how hard you need to cry. It’s ok. We’ve all been there. We know. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually

Some lessons come easily but the ones we notice most are often harder

Back to the moon to distract from my holy foot:-)

There’s always a lot of stuff crying for our attention Do just one thing at a time Try and try again. Observe what works what doesn’t. Alter your approach, your thinking. Try new ways of doing things.

Remember practice makes progress. Refinement makes for efficiency.

This is Virgo after all, slow slow and steady. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s those who persist who succeed. Virgo is the sign of mastery but on the way are moments of apparent misery but hey that’s just your ego, the striving and never arriving

Remember the child in you who allowed yourself to fall until you walked steady and strong. This is the true you. Keep going.

The rest are just stops and stutters along your way.

So ritual and intention time

What new practices could you begin now, that will serve you now and in the future. A meditation to find that inner peace or is it focus you crave

Where in your business or life would benefit from a more methodical approach?

Is there somewhere that a system could be implemented to allow more graceful future growth and expansion?

Is it time to implement a new physical regime like a couch to 5k or a daily yoga practice?

Make it positive, make it achievable, Bite size bits become bumper bars and make way for creativity and expansion, the juicy bits we all crave

Here’s the ritual Give it the time and space and most of all enjoy

And if it resonates please share I am sure you’ve got a few friends, family and others who aspire to having all their tents in a row too

Remember though you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Let others see by your doing not your telling. Be the lighthouse, radiate and shine.

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