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Tuning to the moon

Some things are obvious like black and white, sweet and salty. Others are more subtle like shades of grey.

Subtlety is often more powerful: like nuance in speech, a raised eyebrow, a complicit smile. The touch of a hand can speak volumes. I believe the moon is such a subtlety. Even when we can’t see it we can feel it. It pulls the tides for God’s sake and we're than 'kinda' watery too.

I have always been drawn to the moon, I love its luminosity in the dark sky. How it appears, grows and then disappears, like an enigmatic stranger with whom you exchange smiles and glances, but you never actually meet.

I believe we are all sensual, soulful and sexual creatures and we are also driven to fully become who we are, realising our potential, expressing and sharing our unique gifts with the world to leave it just a little better than when we arrived.

No one might notice or some might but that's not quite the point.

To be happy, healthy and whole, respecting our wants, need and desires while in service to others.

I believe women can only realise this by fully owning their femininity.

Men can only full feel it by by embracing their feminine energy to truly step into their humble masculine power (now, that’s a story for another day) You see, we all carry masculine and feminine qualities.

For a while women have been trying forge their way in the masculine business world, competing with men and each other mirroring the already established behaviours.

I believe at the cost of their wellness, spirit, and relationships; it has been too high a price to pay.

I believe women can be their best selves while enjoying the fecundity and interdependence they so desire; harnessing their innate gifts and qualities in the same way men are best when using theirs. We are here to support, encourage and love each other. Giving and receiving, sharing and caring.

Our society values material success, only what it can see and hold?

Our spirit craves a more holistic prosperity.

Prosperity has many faces: finances, wellbeing, creativity, growth, relationships, spirituality and service and a well lived life has elements of all of these.

Material success means little without health, love, relationships, community and spiritual evolution, while all the others mean little if you are struggling to meet your material needs.

I believe we want to bring our gifts to the world and be rewarded and respected for our contribution.

I believe we want to live abundant lives where we embrace our truth, beauty and playful natures while fully embodying our power.

I have found the answer begins with reconnecting with our essential nature and the natural cycles that surround us.

It is not in the doing we find our fulfillment but in the being while we are doing.

The power is not outside but within us and by tuning in, we connect and begin to intentionally create our external world.

Enter the luminous moon, an essentially feminine energy.

It helps you feel your way into your body, spirit and life.

As your follow its cycle and rhythms you discover your own and learn to apply them to your life, in your relationships and in your business.

You step into your flow in sync with the cosmic flow and your life shapes and reshapes as naturally as night becomes day.

A few years ago I felt called to that feminine flow and so I began to track the moon. It’s appearance each cycle; it’s waxing, blossoming, waning, and then its disappearance before moving through the cycle again.

Soon after I started blogging about it. I never consciously chose to do this. Like many things in my life it was born from a deep gravitational pull and so I began researching the archetypes, it moves through the zodiac in each lunar cycle spending about 2.5 days in each sign, setting intentions with the new moon, observing how they unfolded, releasing and course correcting with the full moon, accepting and grateful for the manifestations.

The result has deepened my relationship not only with the lunar cycle but made me more acutely aware of all the other cycles operating in our lives, that I had previously paid so little attention to: the seasons, the zodiacal cycle, the solar cycle, and the cosmic cycle.

You likely know I practice and teach Kundalini Yoga which teaches about the cycles of infinity, life, death and rebirth, and cycles of consciousness, intelligence and physicality. At any point there are things in our lives that are beginning, flowing and ending.

Once you become aware of cycles you begin to see them everywhere. There is a cycle to the day, the week, month, year, cooking, cleaning, conversaation and more . . . In our lives we encounter cycles of childhood, teenage, adult to elder

Others are apprenticing, journeying on our way to mastery and there are many more cycles within these and so on it goes. . .

As I tracked the moon, the ancient tradition of moon planting and full moon harvesting made sense. I then began to apply this old way of doing things to my very modern technological driven life.

During its eight phases it moves through action and reflection, yang and yin, doing and being.

So on the new moon you set your intention aligned with the archetypal energy, release resistance at the Full Moon. You observe how things unfold through the cycle with action, review, surrender and reception and gratitude. And then it begins again with a new archetypal energy and theme

So in essence it provides a tangible system by which to realise your dreams/visions, You set a goal/intention in alignment with the cosmic energies (and believe me they are too big to fight – for this little girl anyway) so you can step into the universal flow and take small steps towards your dreams within each short cycle.

Believe me it works. As I like to say 'The universe likes action. It takes it as a sign you're serious. Its like Kirtan. Call and response.

It may not always turn out quite like you expect, (You practice non-attachment right:-) However you will likely see what’s stopping you, (most often yourself :-), You can get then clear on if you really want/need/desire it, quickly course correct, and then align your action with an even clearer intention.

Curious? Try it. I expect you’ll love it.

Sign up here I host New and Full Moon workshop at Collective Healing Centre on the closest Friday to the New and Full Moon. Details are here. I look forward to tuning in with you on the next New or Full Moon.

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