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Why we meditate. It’s not what you think

People ask me all the time

‘Is it hard to meditate?’

Then often before I get a chance to reply, they tell me why it is hard for them.

‘My mind is so busy.’

‘I can’t sit still.’

‘I get bored’ This one always make me smile (with yourself I surmise 🙂

‘I have to be doing things. It’s too slow for me.’ Code for any and all of the above.

My answer if given the chance:-)

We meditate to know ourselves.

Life is busy. We all agree on that. With technology it feels like it is on super turbo charge most of the time.

Meditation is a time to check in on yourself for a minute, a few minutes or occasionally an hour to remind yourself you are ok. In fact you’re perfectly imperfectly ok 🙂 No matter what is going on or if you’re not feeling that way, asking yourself what you need right now to return to being well, to being ok.

I call it coming back to centre.

People think yoga is about meditation but the reason we do yoga: well, the first part of yoga with the more vigorous postures, is to move the energy through our bodies so we can then rest, and then, finally sit in the same position for a period of time with a clearer head, an open heart, a lighter digestion, and meditate.

Meditation is about coming to know yourself.

It’s about just being, allowing all those thoughts to come; flowing in like excited children tripping over themselves with their stories to tell, thrilled to finally have an attentive audience.

And if you do just that, Listen, and observe.

No judging, No right. No wrong. No prejudices. No getting involved. No analysis. No mental gymnastics. No preparing a response. No extending the story. No getting excited. No unfolding the possibilities. No seeing the consequences. No jumping to conclusions. No trying out different scenarios.

Just observe, Just observe.

Just observe.

You might begin to notice the space between the thoughts.

And this space might even expand to become bigger than the thoughts. And finally, you might even have no thoughts.

Then you get to meet yourself You might notice: your lightness, your essence, your playfulness, your perfection, your truth.

Remember though, You are just observing.

Don’t go getting carried away, or you might just fall in love with yourself, your life, with the world.

And that might just spoil everything else mightn’t it?

Do remember it’s observation. There is not right way or wrong way to do it. There is no right or wrong experience when doing it. It just is.

If you fancy trying a short meditation – 3 minutes. This is a good one to get started with. It has a mantra (you can do it silently) so it helps with focus. It balances the right and left meridians of the brain. It will calm you, no matter what is going on in the 3 minutes. Let me know how you go?

Those who want to expand to infinity, must know to contract themselves to a point of zero. Yogi Bhajan

Have a great day

x Eilish

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