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Image by Joshuva Daniel

Let's adventure together!

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Ever since my father bought me that first ticket to the USA at 17, I've been traversing the globe on this adventure we call life. Now, I'd like to share some of my favourite places, people and experiences with you in ways that feed and elevate your mind, body and soul.


Think inside scoop: stunning locations, eclectic venues, delicious food, inspiring projects, yoga & meditation. Walk amidst breathtaking scenery and colourful vibrant cultures and then return to comfy sofas, a verdant garden or a welcoming fireside and great conversation. All with peeps you vibe with, time together and time out—what's not to like? And of course, there'll be surprises and adventures and epiphanies.


5 days. 4 nights, devoted and dedicated to you among new best friends you've heard me mention but you just haven't met yet.

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