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I am Eilish Bouchier

After 30+ years of creating brands for globals and locals.

I know deeply the ones that succeed and sustain are the ones who own their experiences and tell the best stories. Stories their clients resonate with and are eager to share.

They do this by becoming WHO THEY ARE.
Embodying the story only they can tell.

They are earning trust and creating impact while creating the inspiring future they imagine. Often what limits our success isn’t the value of our ideas—it’s our inability to capture the essence of their energy and transmit it effectively to those with whom it resonates and who value it. 

Everything is energy. Everything is relationship. Relationships are an exchange of energy as is business. Your business and brand begins in the imagination. Capturing and transmitting its unique offerings is an energetic practice of relaying your value to those whom want to be served by you. 

You can’t transmit clear messages with inconsistent energy. It creates an inconsistent story and an untrustworthy relationship.

I’m Eilish Bouchier. I help people become their most embodied and influential selves. I’ve helped hundreds of people master their energy to tell their stories so their ideal clients immediately resonate. Some have built successful and meaningful businesses and careers, others have co-created projects and communities. Each of them is driven to create impact and income, using business as a force for good

How I help you

Who am I?

What do I want to do and for whom? 

Who values my work?

What is the value of working with me for them? 

How can I blend what I do with my mission and make money? 


If these questions are running a constant loop in your head and you are ready to divine, activate and integrate your soul's alignment, we should connect. It's time for you to truly become YOU to show and tell your brand story so it rings true to you (mind, body and soul) and those who are seeking you.


I help you bring that energy to everything you do whether your mission is to start a movement, earn trust or grow your business. 

What's my story?

Award-winning Business and Brand-Visioning expert, Graphic Designer, Senior Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Tantric Heart Practitioner, Loving Presence and Self-Mastery Teacher . . . Inner and Outer World Traveller.

I have helped hundreds of businesses envision and grow their businesses to 6, 7 figures and beyond.


I have worked at the intersection of creativity and commerce, consciousness and communication with globals and locals from top of town to new born startups, government and education, artists and winemakers.

I grew up 90km from the Blarney Stone (have never kissed it). I've lived, worked and travelled in more countries than letters in my rather long name - Eilish Gabriel Patricia Cecilia Bouchier - observing, experimenting and learning. The experiences have guided and shaped my way of being and doing.   


My many qualifications and certifications are below, but for now, let go of what I am and focus on who I am and what that means for you.


Three words guide my path and connect me to my mission

Beauty, truth & play  

I see myself as a spiritual being having a human adventure. Curious and creative, I am a Visionmaker, an alchemist and experiential guide. I hear people beyond their words. I'm tuned into the subtle energies. I see your light. I am here to guide you towards it, to lead your life and work with intention—imperfect perfection—as purposeful and profitable play. This translates into a 'brand' well lived and well loved. One that endures as it evolves with you.

I created Beyond Business Academy as a bridge to connect your future vision with your present actions, tapping into the cosmic flow to make your ideas real in the 3D world.

I am on a mission is to create Creative Leaders, Energetic Masters, Visionaires® who are well resourced and resonant, purposeful and prosperous, focused and adaptable; connected with themselves and with their rippling sphere of influence.

Together let's elevate the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others to make business a force for good in our world.

I've always dug deeper, been a truth seeker, curious to see beyond (Scorpio Moon). Always intuitive, but for a long time I struggled with the disconnect between what I was told was how to succeed and how my inner-guidance directed me. I have thrown the baby out with the bathwater on more than one occasion and started all over again until it finally sunk in:


It's not about separation. It's about integration.

Most people think the world makes us.

We make our world with the energy we bring to it.*

The real work of business and branding is differentiation.

But most try to differentiate through competition. Constant compare and contrast is hard work and will exhaust you as you fight to keep up with an ever changing market. We will work through integration.


You are so much more than your job title, status, role, postcode and your network; these change again and again. It's who you are being that creates the difference in your relationships, and the gifts* and skills with which you can help others get what they want.

Like you, I was taught to look to everyone and everywhere except myself for guidance, but once I went inside everything changed**. These intuitive insights inspire my work as I hold space for you to divine and uncover your own sparkling gems to imagine, shape and experience your most audacious vision; to craft your brand stories that truly look, feel and sound like you.

And maybe a part of my journey connects with where you're at right now and where you desire to be.


*Kundalini Yoga and Meditation was my game-changing tool. Other modalities brought many transformational shifts but Kundalini became the core practice that delivers again and again. My own healing work helped me recall and reclaim all parts of myself. As I became clearer on my message it became simpler. I am a visionmaker bridging the gaps between your present self and your potential with a roadmap that inspires you into action and builds momentum to keep you going.

Most people are blind to their gifts,
while others look at you in awe and wonder
'How do you do that?'

Clients and Publications
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My Biography

My former and current ventures

I was previously the owner and director of studio51, an award-winning boutique communications and branding agency with global clients like Apple, Vodafone, SAP, Sophos, McAfee, Scholastic and HarperCollins, and locals, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Wealthwise Education,
Two Swedes Cooking and Sussan Fashion Group.

I have also held the position of Senior Lecturer in Design and Course Co-ordinator at Charles Sturt University.

I host PatChats, a peer to peer breakfast talk and podcast series on the future of business,
and am on the Board of The Lansdowne Club.

My (diverse!) academic background 

I hope you agree that education is a life-long and transformative process.

I graduated from The Limerick Institute for Technology in Design Communications, Construction Studies and Quantity Surveying (RICS)


with ongoing studies in

Business (FÁS)

Project Management and Interactive Design (University of Sydney)

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Level 1, (Kundalini Research Institute and Amrit Nam Samovar France)

Lifestyles and Lifecycles and Conscious Communication Level 2 (Kundalini Research Institute and AAA China)

Self-Mastery School of Tantra, (Divine University Project)

Self-Mastery School of Loving Presence (Divine University Project)

Keepership Training & Sacred Geometry (Divine University Project)

Commercial Floristry (Pearsons, Sydney)

School for Social Entrepreneurs Masters Business Program.

Astrology with Hole to Heavens Adam Sommers

I am Eilish Bouchier

I am a business visioning and brand expert, graphic designer, Senior Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, Tantric Heart Practitioner, Loving Presence and Self-Mastery Teacher and on it goes ... ​

My many qualifications and certifications are below but for now let go of what I am and focus on who I am and what that means for you.

Three words guide my path and connect me to my mission


truth, beauty and lightness

I see myself as a spiritual being having a human adventure.
I am an alchemist, a visionary. I see people beyond their words. I see their light. I am here to guide them towards it, to lead their life and work with love, imperfect perfection, with work rest and play every day.

You see, I’ve always felt connected with the subtle realms, before I even knew what to call it. I recall being in a church (I'm Irish) about 7 y.o. and feeling there's power here, but why all the rules.

There's likely a part of my journey that connects with where you're at right now and where you desire to be. #deserveyourdesires

‘Leadership is not bestowed. It is earned. The pyramid top-down system is being replaced by a cyclical model where leadership comes from within. Those who tune in, will flow with it. Those who are not aligned will struggle. This is why we practice: to become self-sensory, self-mastered human beings.’

Eilish Bouchier

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