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being creation

Be Creation

The 8-week creative business design course

  • ​to revolutionise the way you think and do business. Inspired business practice to get the results that matter to you;

  • Connect your essence and experience to call forth your expression. Build your inspired business. Become a spirited leader. Elevate and expand your energetic endurance. We do this by diagnosing and then activating your energy and then grounding your foundational business elements to build your framework for success.

  • ​You will create a container for your business, redefining your definition of success. Then you'll transform your relationship with money, your body, work, time, the planet, and everything else that truly matters.

  • Business and life happen in bite-sizes that compound into bigger projects and that further converge into your most dharmic and audacious vision. Replace hustle with flow, exhaustion with energetic mastery, burnout with alignment.

  • ​You dance with the energies of the universe, set intentions aligned with your kaleidoscopic vision, open up to receive intuitive guidance and take focused strategic action. Together, we'll refine as needed and delight in the purposeful and graceful unfolding.

  • Don't miss your opportunity to come aboard and be carried in its supportive flow.  

This program only opens up twice a year.

beyond business academy

Beyond Business

A 6-month group mentorship program designed to master your energy, so you lead yourself with deep confidence and conviction to lead your business future. 


This program is a sacred container for energy,  patterns and shadow work self-diagnosis with support.

Learn the 6/7+ figure framework and operating systems to build an intuitive online magical and practical business that is a force for good in the world.


It’s time to replace hustling with wholeheartedness and magnetism. This is your alchemical impact pathway— unifying your will, expanding your magnetic field,  
business and brand mastery.

This program is open for application

We begin 21 March 2023

adventure together
Adventure Together

2023 adventure together

5 days. 4 nights, devoted to you among new best friends you've heard me mention, but you just haven't met yet. ​Are you in? Do you want to be kept in the loop? 

I know you do! 

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