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Astrology Readings
Life + Work by YOUR Design

60 minute 


My readings can be best described as a co-creative conversation - an invitation to self-initiaton and radical responsibility into the purpose and impact of your great work and higher vision. I call it relational astrology.


And of course, we'll read your natal chart AND likely work beyond it.


My intention is to help you understand yourself (character, personality and soul path) better, so you can use your strengths and build an awareness of where your weaknesses can get in your way so you can do and be better.


And give you tools to find your way to your centre when facing the inevitable challenges on this adventure we call life.  


We'll connect over Zoom for one hour or a little more depending on what is called for. This is ideal for those new to astrology who want to make sense of their birth chart. 


When you book please email with your

  • precise birth date, location and time of birth

  • a concise paragraph about you, a broad sweep of your life's narrative and your current pressing questions.

Please book at least 3 days in advance because once I receive your booking I will tune in to your chart so our session together is even more illuminating and impactful for you, and that's how we can create magic together.

Until soon, Love Always

x Eilish

What you'll get

  • 60 minute astrological consultation

  • Audio recording of our conversation

  • Insight into where you uniquely create value

  • Insight into the ideal clients for whom you provide value 

  • how to position yourself so they resonate with how you can help them

  • Insight into your areas of this year and the planet that will support you with that

  • Key times to be aware of for the upcoming year


We'll always work in context of

  • Vision: Where are you going? Where are you now? How you got here.

  • Mission/Purpose/Impact: Why you do what you do? Whom do you serve in life + work?

  • Priorities: What do you need to focus on first and in what order to accomplish your life + work vision?

  • Planning: What do you need and desire to do next, to create and maintain momentum.

  • Values: What matters to you? Why do you want what you want?

  • Measurement: How will you know you're making  progress?

What others say


I wanted to know how to translate my chart into practical and tangible actions while living my purpose. I'd been afraid  - doubting my gifts, playing small, feeling unfulfilled and creatively empty. 

The session felt like going on a hero's journey, walking my path from the lens and voice of another, to shine light on my blind spots. It was exciting and emotional, confirming and reassuring, inspiring and motivating to trust my intuition and gifts. Since then, I've been writing and publishing, unafraid and detached from a specific outcome or others' perceptions. 


Eilish is an amazing guide and weaver of our charts and cosmic energies, revitalising, helping us remember why we are here. You truly helped me understand my gift of writing in a more empowered, clear, and nuanced way which has allowed me to practice and write with more ease and trust.

Alexis Tencel

Writer, Content Creator,

f you are looking for the REAL thing, consider you have just found a diamond.

Eilish's wisd
om, experience and way of being makes her stand out from the crowd of mentors and coaches. Fortunately, it's not for everyone.

Our work had led me to rethink the whole new structure that I'm creating in my business. As a brand expert she leads you to create a brand vision that stretches you and a business with clients you love and who think you're the bees knees.

Working with Eilish will transform your thinking, your life and your business. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

Oksana Koriakova

Marketing Maverick

Impero Merchandising

You nailed it AGAIN. I wondered what we would talk about but it was spot on. I felt so much lighter after we spoke. You always know what questions to ask to elicit what's really going on. I am immensely grateful. And I'm inspired to do my daily practice again.




In a world of agreement Eilish pushes back with thought provoking questions that challenges my thinking to land me someplace I could not have imagined alone.


She’s a big picture thinker who propels the project forward inspiring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to get there.


She’s got that rare quality of macro to micro and connecting seemingly random dots to create new and interesting patterns and pathways.


She grasps concepts quickly, is in tune with the current pulse and future thinking. I really appreciate her time and focused intention.

Graeme McClelland



Eilish offers an inspiring and highly motivating approach to unlock and enable individuals and organisations. In my experience she questions and challenges and provokes your thinking using an intriguing mix of the hard pragmatic blended with a wonderfully ethereal spirituality.

Eilish can apply her very considerable skills and deliver clear outcomes both one on one and at a much broader level across a community or corporate group.


Tony Wood

Non Executive Board Director, Finance Executive,

faqs you may have ...


Do I need my birth time?

The exactness of your birth time makes the biggest difference to your Ascendant, degrees of all planets, points and timing of particular cycles. However if you don't have the exact time, the birth day, year and location give a lot of information. Without your exact birth time, we'll work with a sunrise or noon chart. Please indicate your choice when you book.


What house system do you use?

I use Whole Sign Houses because I find it to be the most accurate.


Will  I receive a recording?

Please choose the Zoom option


How should I prepare for a session?

I highly recommend coming to the session as clear and relaxed as you can. Here's a grounding meditation to do before the session, or use one you are familiar with.

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