Being Creation

Most programmes focus on what you need to do to be successful. Our focus here is on WHO you need to be. You soul-aligned actions are then focused, effective and fruitful. This makes your success inevitable.


Imagine connecting what you are called to do, with what you're best at, most qualified and most suited to deliver; that helps others too.

While what we do evolves and changes, and different stages and circumstances call for different skills, experiences and levels of commitment — who we are being as we play those roles and the energy we bring to them builds our future circumstances and future selves.

Our lives are the compound interest on who we are being every day, as we do what we do. This is who we become. 

Being a benefactor to your future self means discerning what matters, planning for your success by creating space for it, intentionally aligning your attention with your actions and investing in your well-being and wealth. 

Aligning you with YOU.

Developing your intuition and integrating you with YOU. 

Because you are creation. 

Be Creation is an 8 week program exploring concepts, context and creation to revolutionise your relationships with yourself, your work, business, success, money, your body, others, environment and eco-system.

You will dive deep into your subconscious and call forth what wants to be birthed through you.

You will explore how to create a container for your work/business and the eco-system that will make it sustaining and sustainable. 

Everything is relationship. Relationships are energy.
Life + Work is an energy exchange relationship.

You'll transform your relationship to yourself, your partner, money, your body, work, time, success and everything else.

Could this change anything or everything? 


This program only opens up twice a year.

Next session is 6 October - 1 December 2021

If your curiosity is sparked and you feel called to know more, please fill out your details and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. And besides I'm curious and excited to get to know who you are and what you're called to create. 


Until soon x Eilish