Being Creation Program

Most business programmes focus on what you need to do to be successful. Our focus here is WHO you need to be. You soul-aligned actions are then focused, effective and fruitful. This makes your success inevitable.


All businesses are started by humans to help other humans, born of a need, want and desire. You excitedly perceive a need that no one is fulfilling in quite the way you imagine; you want to have an impact and make a difference and you desire the flexibility and financial freedom having your own thing can provide. 

In this program we'll explore business as a spiritual practice in the context of its macro and micro environment. Being Creation is for aspiring Visionaires® entre/intrapreneurs. Visionaires are creative leaders,  executives and entrepreneurs called to develop a purposeful work practice/business that supports them to thrive in all areas of their lives—creatively, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.


You’ll love this if you are a creative professional, executive, designer, marketer, thought leader, change maker, writer, producer, solopreneur, freelancer or contractor. You can equally apply these principles to a creative project and life design. You’ll work with a supportive and engaged creative collective for the challenges and gifts on this adventure we call life. This is business done differently with a strong focus on igniting and cultivating the connection to your dynamic creativity to ensure your subsequent actions are purposeful and profitable while creating work as play.


An 8-week program that cultivates questions as a pathway to choices, decisions and commitment finding your way as you navigate your path. While here, you’ll work with a supportive and engaged Creative Collective, journeying from context to concepts, curiosity to conception, visioning to development, experimentation and realisation. 

Let’s journey together to cultivate the power of reflection and self-awareness. Cultivate trust and deepen connection first with ourselves.


During this challenging time let's come together to

  • reclaim our power and sovereignty

  • become the change we want to see

  • create businesses we love to live in

  • envision and conceive personal and business brands we are proud to grow into

  • be the change we want to see

  • balance our doing and being selves, our masculine and feminine energies

  • reconnect with nature's rhythms and our own bio-rhythms.

  • integrate our mind, body and spirit and privilege our soul’s journey

  • strengthen our grit and determination amidst the chaos

  • cultivate a relationship with the unknown

  • develop a reflective and creative practice so we can be fulfilled, generous and openhearted in our relationships with ourselves and everyone else

One email. Twice a month for curious creatives blending the subtle and material, philosophical and practical, with a BS filter for faux
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