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Being Creation Program


Most business programmes focus on what you need to do to be successful. Our focus here is WHO you need to be. You soul-aligned actions are then focused, effective and fruitful. This makes your success inevitable.


All businesses are started by humans to help other humans, born of a need, want and desire. You excitedly perceive a need that no one is fulfilling in quite the way you imagine; you want to have an impact and make a difference and you desire the flexibility and financial freedom having your own thing can provide. 

In this program we'll explore business as a spiritual practice in the context of its macro and micro environment. Being Creation is for aspiring Visionaires® entre/intrapreneurs. Visionaires are creative leaders,  executives and entrepreneurs called to develop a purposeful business that supports them to thrive in all areas of their lives—creatively, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.


You’ll love this if you are a creative professional, executive, designer, marketer, thought leader, change maker, writer, producer, solopreneur, freelancer or contractor. You can equally apply these principles to a creative project and life design. You’ll work with a supportive and engaged creative collective for the challenges and gifts on this adventure we call life. This is business done differently with a strong focus on the magical and practical energetics, igniting and cultivating the connection to your dynamic creativity to ensure your subsequent actions are purposeful and profitable while creating work as play.


An 8-week program for those ready birth a business or transform an existing one so it works through cultivating curiosity as a pathway to choices, decisions and commitment as you navigate your path. While here, you’ll work with a supportive and engaged creative collective, journeying from context to concepts, curiosity to conception, visioning to development, experimentation and realisation. 

Let’s journey together to cultivate the power of reflection and self-awareness. During this challenging time let's come together to

  • reclaim our power and sovereignty

  • become the change we want to see

  • create businesses we love to live in

  • envision and conceive personal and business brands we are proud to grow into

  • be the change we want to see

  • balance our doing and being selves, our masculine and feminine energies

  • reconnect with nature's rhythms and our own bio-rhythms.

  • integrate our mind, body and spirit and privilege our soul’s journey

  • strengthen our grit and determination amidst the chaos

  • cultivate a relationship with the unknown

  • develop a reflective and creative practice so we can be fulfilled, generous and openhearted in our relationships with ourselves and everyone else


The curriculum is designed to ground you in your current reality and then guide you through video, audio, reading, worksheets, visualisations, conversations to where you most desire to go.

The work is a combination of done on your own (e-learning), exchanging ideas and perspectives with others (forum) and themed conversations (zoooooooom)

Week 1 - Context + Grounding

Week 2 - Introduction to Visionary Business

Week 3 - Business as an eco-system

Week 4 - Spiral of Becoming

Week 5 - Cycles of Creation

Week 6 - Sovereignty + Self-Care

Week 7 - Resources

Week 8 - Success Story

September 14 - November 15, 2021

Concepts & Conception is our 8-week business incubator for anyone wanting to birth a new business founded on feminine and feminist principles. C&C is specifically developed for business beginners and solopreneurs who are struggling to thrive (financially or creatively). Our innovative, cross-disciplinary, and immersive curriculum guides you through the creative process of conceiving your own unique enterprise. We provide you with a feminist framework for entrepreneurship and valuable tools for bringing your idea to life.

During this 8-week incubator, you will improve your feminist literacy and your understanding of what a business is. We spend the first half of the course immersed in Concepts—ideas, theories, perspectives, and scholarship to give us a feminist framework for entrepreneurship. We begin by cozying up to feminist theory, we contemplate Capitalism, delve into the anatomy of a business, and consider what feminist entrepreneurship might require. In the second half of the course, we transition to Conception. Here we explore the sequential stages of birthing a business using pregnancy as an analogy, and give special attention to the creative conception phase—the beginning—where anything is possible. At the end of your journey, you embark upon dissolving your patriarchal thinking as you rewrite your relationship to money and power.

The curriculum encourages deep transformation in your relationship with work, money, business, your body, and the earth. Through readings, audio recordings, group discussions, guided visualizations, writing assignments, and creative exercises, you will become more integrated and embodied as you conceive your own feminist business.

1. Getting Grounded
2. Feminist Fundamentals
3. Business Basics
4. Letting It Be Easy
5. Trimester Theory: The Stages of Birthing a Business
6. Conceiving Your Own Feminist Business
7. Reclaiming Your Power & Toppling the Patriarchy
8. Cultivating a New Money Consciousness

This is an immersive course, designed for those who are ready to invest the time and resources to conceive an integrated and intentional business that supports them. Throughout the 8 weeks, we provide you with information and tools to help you feel more grounded so that you can imagine possibilities, become more visionary, and find a deeper sense of pleasure and play as you move through fears and blockages.

You should expect to devote 4 to 6 hours to classwork each week. The live video classes give you the opportunity to get personalized feedback on the course materials. You also will meet weekly via phone with an accountability partner to support your process.

• 8-week online course with new materials delivered weekly.
• Support from the Sister team.
• Online group discussions with other students.
• 4 90-minute live video classes with Jenn & the Sister team.
• Audio files and worksheets for you to keep and use forever.
• Access to online course for 9 months.
• A copy of The Business Birthing Handbook

• Our F.A.Q. page will give you all the details and help you determine if C&C is right for you.
• Read testimonials from C&C grads and check out our Sister Spotlight interviews with our star students.
• We offer a limited number of scholarships for womxn of color who demonstrate financial need. Application deadline is August 31. Learn more & apply.

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