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Alchemy of Flow


Life + Business by design

Alchemy of Flow is a collective for heart-centred humans who know to get what they really want they have to become who they really are.

in your integrated life + work.


Alchemy of Flow
is now closed for registration

until September 2021

This online/offline community is for you if ...

you are a Creative Professional - Art Director, Designer, Artist, Photographer, Consultant, Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Therapist, Wellness Professional, Energy Healer, Emerging Leader
because being well and wealth is for everyone.

Imagine an engaging and curious community with supportive fellow co-creators and collaborators, without the hustle and overwhelm. A place you can talk strategy and soul, content and crystals, dreaming and design, impact and influence, tantra and tech, money, magic and mastery.

Whether your vision is to finally start and show up in the world or to uplevel your business to 6+ figures so you can have more impact and influence, Alchemy of Flow success practice and community is here to support and inspire you.

Payment plans available

Alchemy of Flow Membership

An online community to support you with context, tools, techniques and practical actions to take you + your work from an idea or a vision into a satisfying, well-being + wealth generating success story.

Your $40 founding monthly membership includes

Round the clock online community on the platform Mighty Networks that immediately surrounds you with your co-creative community of thought-leaders, visionaires and entrepreneurs just like you.

Monthly Business Development Masterclasses themed to grow you and your business skills and give you techniques you need to drive business in the digital marketing era.

Monthly Lunar Resources - Workbooks, Calendars, Financial Planners, Posters, Lunar Strategy Sessions, Meditations, Video and Audios designed to bring you into cosmic flow with the universe - the key integration ingredient to prosperity and wealth creation.

Guest Speakers - Creative + Holistic Thought Leaders will present regularly on key business topics from an Aquarian Leadership perspective and share with you their tools and key ingredients from their own success.

Prosperity Meditations & Yoga Practices - Access a full library of yoga and meditation practices designed to shortcut the process of prosperity. You'll get access to the practices that will give you 'hard cash' as well as the ones that will re-wire your neural pathways for a prosperous state of being. 

Be a Benefactor to Your Future Self - One of the core pillars is wealth creation. Earn for now, invest for later. No matter how little: compound interest works. Each month we will build on skills, practices + cash to build your future self.

Accountability - Hard wired into the program are accountability tasks, measures and co-creators to make sure your investment isn't wasted and this is the ultimate online life + work training to track positive progress in your vision.

Payment plans available

Where's the Value?

I've bundled up my resources so your  $40/month founding membership is plugging you into these immediate savings.

• Monthly New Moon Strategy Sessions - $150 value

• Monthly Themed Strategy Workbooks pdfs - $97 value

• Lunar Meditations Audio  - $150 value

• Seasonal Planning group workshops - $600 value

• Private Collective Group Forum - $550 value

• Seasonal Personal Accountability Buddy - $600 value

• Lunar Practice eBook - $97 value

• 2021 Lunar Calendar Poster pdfs - $49 value

• Lunar 8 Phases Poster pdfs - $33 value

• Monthly Healthy Wealth Creation Practices audio/pdfs - $297 value

• Guest Speakers on all topics Life + Business by Design - $327 value

• Access to Yoga and Meditation Library - $600 value

• Best friends and co-creators you just haven't met yet - Priceless

Payment plans available
Image by Ira Mint

What's the program?

Alchemy of Flow is a seasonally delivered program directly into our online community.

The recorded presentations, workshops and resources are there for you to play back at any time or join in live.


Visioning & Imagination

Harnessing your strategic mind for business planning. Applying your best self through Human Design

Planning + Foundations

Design the business you want to live in - finance, lifestyle, work-life balance, creative output, audience, service design and write a One Page Business Plan. Working with the subtle realms to access your subconscious.

Processes + Practices to establish your expertise

Show your clients how they can work with you. Design their experience. Systems liberate. Move beyond the order taker to make your business work for you. 


Understanding Content

Learn how to create content that resonates. Develop your intuitive channel while respecting and harnessing your natural creative rhythmic flow to work less and do more.

Social Media Scheduling  

Not all media is equal. Discern where and when to place your energies for your greatest return on effort.

Art of Pinterest

to Drive Free Traffic to your website to grow your audience.


Financial Planning

Pricing + Profit strategies to create abundance and investment practices for wealth creation. 

Demystifying Sales 

People buy from people they know, like and trust to help them solve problems. Learn how to become your ideal client's trusted person

Wealth Creation 

Change your relationship with success, money, and resources. Embody practices to become a benefactor of your future self.


Akashic Records

How to use the Akashic Records for Business + Life, Love and Prosperity.

Astrology for Business Success

Learn why and how to use astrology as a business planning + success strategy

Express Yourself

Clarity, confidence and conviction are vital to personal and professional success. Learn how to find and use your unique success codes


Leaders in Kind with Skye Garside. Initiate yourself into the realm of Aquarian Leaders.


Enrolments open September 2021.

Enrolments on equinoxes, summer and winter solstices.

Join the waiting list here.

Monthly programs delivered first week of each month. Resources uploaded and delivered live and in-person (online) each month.

Seasonal session meetups IRL (where possible) and online.

*Grandfather founding membership price limited to first 100 intuitive and courageous souls.


Payment plans available

A better world needs visionary leaders — curious and courageous, purposeful and playful, imaginative and practical, confident and compassionate, strategists and storytellers — bridge builders for a cosmic consciousness founded in the intelligence of love.


Meet Eilish


Friends. By now you're likely inspired, intrigued and ready to join... but you're also wondering... is this really the ultimate life + business course I'll take???  Is she that audacious?


Well. It's like this... Alchemy of Flow is like ordering an intuitive, visionary success roadmap to your life + business, on your most wished for Christmas wish list, and then being amazed when Kris Kringle drops it right in your lap. Wahe Guru! 

I created this framework — complete with accountability, teachings and tailored content — to fill all the 'gaps in your education' for intuitive intra/entrepreneurs and creative leaders, because as yet there's no blueprint for heart-centred intuitive business (though my InsideOut Practice has been often described as better than an MBA!)

I built this curriculum to gather all the multi-dimensional threads of intuitive entrepreneurship and leadership, and weave them together in a way that felt organic, generative, inspiring — with easy to use everyday tools too.

Mysticism, magic, intuition, embodiment, integrative wellness and conscious business practices fit perfectly together like custom hand-made gloves. They inform and support each other, and expand how we as leaders show up.


You don't need more to do as an entrepreneur or creative leader. You need to trust yourself to be whom your work and business needs you to be, so you discern and only focus what matters to get the results that move the needle forward today, as you adventure towards yours vision, all aligned and lit up aware course correcting as needed.


Alchemy of Flow has simple to learn practices that develop your intuition and self-trust and makes your success inevitable.

Dreaming and crafting a clear success plan from solar goals to monthly lunar intentions guiding you from a chaotic stressed out seeker to a vibrant aligned visionary.

You can cross that off your to do list. Handled!

Payment plans available


Business Owner

Eilish, I doubled my revenue, tripled my profit. Cashflow was such a monthly stress. Now it's a game. I love what we're co-creating and our clients love us and refer us too.


'I always walk away with a different perspective, expanded and inspired. Feeling I so needed that: thinking I would never have thought of that. And it makes so much sense.'

Content Creator

'That's exactly what I do and that's exactly who they are. I've been going round and round in my head for months and you've done it in minutes. OMG I knew I should have come sooner.'

So, here's a taste of falling in love with your future...

  • Everyday you're connected with a supportive divine, diverse, inspiring group of like-minded creative leaders exchanging ideas, tools and tips

  • You are growing your sphere of influence, impact, legacy, clients, revenue and resources beyond what you could ever have thought possible.

  • You know where you're going and you know what to do next because you've got a proven success plan and practice to follow.

  • Wow! Not only is all of this possible, we’ve created the cosmic map to help get you there 10x faster.

  • Leading your Life + Work by Your Design. Sweet as!

Payment plans available


  • Click on the START button below to purchase your subscription.

  • I'll send you an email immediately that will welcome you and give you access to everything you need to get started

  • I can’t wait to see you in there!

  • You will be added to our private network with all details of events, conversations and topics within 24 hours of us receiving your payment.

       Always love  xx Eilish

Payment plans available

Alchemy of Flow works on a self-selecting sliding scale


Why? Well why not! Because as a company, we believe we're all in this together and in creating more inclusive and equitable spaces that support opportunities for well-being and wealth creation for everyone at every stage of their evolution. We acknowledge that by working to make well-being more inclusive and accessible for all, we are creating a rippling healing effect which can be a force of good in the world. And as we are all in together it makes sense that we are responsible for supporting each other.

The self-selecting scale works like a honesty box. We believe in the integrity of our collective members trusting they know by supporting us, they are supporting others as they also receive benefit. They know that sliding scale options make this space accessible and richer because everyone wins.

Everyone who signs up for the receives exactly the same service. There is no difference in offerings regardless what you pay. You can always change if and when your circumstances change.

I believe taking this small step invites you — before you decide to join us in Alchemy of Flow— to consider your relationship to prosperity, status, capitalism, opportunity and where the systems of privilege and othering jar.

The PROSPERITY price is the true cost of this membership. If you choose to pay below this, you are receiving a scholarship to join Alchemy of Flow.

Please know your active participation in our community contributes to and supports others no matter how much you pay. We appreciate your unique magic and we acknowledge we are all in this  together to leave the world just a little better.

Payment plans available

100% money back guarantee

By joining Alchemy of Flow you're making a six-month commitment to the membership and to your community.

If you sign up and after 14 days you feel the Alchemy of Flow is not valuable to you, let me know, and I'll cancel your membership. Nothing to lose.

Payment plans available
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