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Warriors of Wonder® is a transformational 2 day intensive, a container with a very clear goal: personal growth, connecting your dots, community connection, owning and packaging one’s credibility and wizardry, process and practice as an intuitive and magical practitioner to weave the most wondrous world of you, so you can wholeheartedly 

  • become the creative director of your life + work

  • blend your magical and practical resources, to 

  • express your unique voice purposefully, profitably and playfully, while

  • transforming your relationships to money, success, time, your body, partner, clients …..

We begin 1 April 2023

Wake Up and Smell the Perspective

Nearly 40 days into this romp and I found myself wondering

'Has it really always been as simple as THIS?'

Mind you, I said simple—not easy! After a few years [sigh] of faffing over Eilish’s offer, I finally embraced it and haven’t looked back. 

Even the temptation to dwell on why the hell I waited so long, is no competition for watching my home-grown obstacles bite the dust. 

I’ve found a way to simultaneously and sustainably grow and harvest my energy for the greater good (and mine too :-).  

–Jackie, Ruby Slippers. Copy, Content and Programme Manifestor, Generator, and Facilitator




Whether you’re a . . .

designer, healer, astrologer, creative, visionary, leader or tarot reader, or . . .

any kind of intuitive guide, mystic, magician or psychic . . . 


To become the warrior of your own life is a deeply transformative higher calling: a sacred journey. 


It’s a practice and process of claiming your self-worth, reshaping your tools, skills and stories to empower your future self towards emergence; a rite of passage that permanently restores your sense of wonder in the world.

Claim your future identity ...

then step towards it's unfolding . . .



The Revolution of Evolution®





There’s a deep need for change in your life. You are between what you feel is expected of you (that no longer fits) and feels so foreign to who you know and want yourself to be, that you find yourself sitting on the fence, unable to ‘perform’ your old roles and unsure of your next iteration. You’ve enjoyed success - status, money, the ‘right’ cars, ‘invitations’ and 'insta' holidays but it feels like someone’s else’s dream. You move from frustration to rage, flapping action to taking ‘unearned’ naps, while you stay stuck and neither you nor your business moves forwad.


You do your due diligence but you can’t buy any of the narratives (working longer and harder to prove your value and worth, relentless pursuit of more stuff . . .). All day, every day, you are being fed (but rarely nourished) about the desperate future we are facing climatically, politically, culturally and what to stand for in your values, who you should be and contrarily, who you must be if you don’t fit into the accepted mould. You’re struggling to navigate your way beyond the mainstream ‘thinking’ to discern your own values from the beliefs and relentless blasts of others.


In spanish, there’s a phrase that tickles me - sobre corrido - feeling run over. You’re existing in some form of haze, not thinking straight, reacting instead of responding or choosing. Choking on too much information, input, learning, social media, email, stuff - a sugar coma of consumption so your message and identity is unclear.

Maybe you’re caught in the non-virtuous cycle of competition and you keep seeing what is missing in your partner, yourself. You can’t break the loop of comparison long enough to go within and harvest the treasure chest of gifts that are there waiting for you to claim your uniquely wondrous identity and value. 


You remember a time when you were bolder; when you awoke with a sense of wonder and awe for the possibilities of your day, curious and energised like your inner toddler, flexible and in flow, trusting the process and pushing your boundaries, courageous and playful - a time when surprises and smiles weren’t forced and you weren’t a yes to please, but a YES because it lit you up and turned you on.


It’s like you’ve left yourself. Where is that glint in your eye, mischief in your smile, swish in your step, playful arc of your eyebrow? Eroded and shaken by life and world stuff you’ve disappeared into yourself, you’re here but not present. Your heart is hurt, your head too strident and you often find yourself looking to be offended or superior. You not only don’t feel like yourself, you’ve forgotten who you are beyond your titles, roles, address and labels: who others say you are. 


You’re a talented problem solver so you’ve been doubling down on the books, podcasts, programs, meditations and gurus but nothing’s resonating deeply, there’s an inescapable disconnect between gut, heart and head.  You know what got you here won’t get you there. Your independence is now a liability. You're alienating friends, partners and colleagues. You know that true sustainable prosperity, pleasure and power is a practice. You might be years in or playing at the edges of the psycho spiritual space but there’s something missing and your greatest fear is that it’s you, that you just don’t get it. You’re praying for a container that can meet you where you’re at, see you, feel you and hear you - one that’s intentionally designed for beauty, truth, lightness and infinite transformation.


Wonder is the alchemy of possibility that invites and magnetises us beyond our present selves to step in our most audacious, wildest imagined future selves.

Opening to wonder is a practice that humbles us to find beauty in the smallest of miracles and tasks us to walk with integrity and grace, understanding that as we repeatedly stretch and snap, stumble and walk tall, we are the masters of our domain. We know we create our freedom through discernment and we all have the tools and techniques, foundations and frameworks within us. 

We deeply trust ourselves, knowing that everything we need for our full liberation is within us, as we come back into our body, our breath each time and once more, open to wonder. 

Claiming your future emerging identity is an act of bold courage, calling you into a new way of being and doing in your work and life. To become your future self you must cross the threshold from your present life into your future life leaving aspects, habits, behaviours and sometimes people behind.

To be a leader in such metaphysical fields of service means carving new pathways largely outside of all institutional structures of protection. There is no proven path here. It's an experiential rite of passage cultivating the skills to be a trifecta of small business owner, a creative practitioner, and a healer.

During my own ‘becoming’ as an energy alchemist, metaphysical mentor, and emergent identity guide, I’ve had to dismantle and recraft myself in many iterations and reimagine who and what I thought was possible in my life. I have often faced ‘silent’ loving scepticism from family, friends, creative community and clients as my focus shifted from traditional learning to metaphysics more than 2 decades ago. 


Multiple year long immersions in mystery schools, metaphysics - tantra, loving presence, self-mastery, energy healing and crystals. Since 2010 I have taught Kundalini Yoga and practiced sadhana (daily spiritual practice). My traditional study was in business, building and communications design. I later ran an award-winning Brand Communications agency, (working with clients like Apple, Vodafone, Australian Bureau of Statistiscs, HarperCollins, Charles Sturt University) 


I’ve been labelled, dismissed and discounted but the gravitational pull and burning fire in my heart was too loud to silence, too beautiful to resist and too compelling to ignore. My inner voice and guides were persistent and clear (when I clearly was not) that I just needed to keep taking the next aligned action, one step at a time.


Let me reiterate this hasn't been a linear or logical path, I’ve had to let go of identities I fancied fitted me like a bespoke suit. There have been missteps as I’ve followed my ego into cul de sacs and aspects of my personality I have had to sacrifice and others that have emerged, that my younger self would have shamelessly cocked my eyebrows at. I came face to face with a severely diminished self-confidence, self-worth and body image I would never have given credence could take up residence inside me. Contrarily, I emerged with a core strength and fortitude, playfulness and eccentricity I spent decades trying to quell that amplified and magnetised the synchronous circumstances and most wonderful people, clients and collaborators (joke on me again :-)

Suffice it to say I have learned identity is a moveable feast and what underpins it, is what sustains and rises, more unshakeable and magnificent. 


Leadership in the Aquarian age comes from within - curious, openhearted, imaginative, liberated, shapeshifting, joyful, generous and totally superseding ‘apparent power’ as it holds space for what is emerging co-creatively and collaboratively. If any of the above resonates, let’s dive into this beautiful mystery and adventure together.

My path to Wonder

For decades i had a successful branding agency, great clients, interesting and challenging work. Working with hundreds of clients, I saw how some were enjoying huge success, while others were struggling to make their bills. And I noticed I was encountering the same issues and patterns again and again. Even though the final solution was always different because of their product, service or market, more than 80% of the problems were the same.

  • The struggling clients were trying to do too many things at once, so nothing grounded properly. 

  • They were not clear where the best return for their effort was.

  • They couldn’t separate their business goals from their personal goals, so their decision making was clouded

  • They were not clear on the unique value they were delivering 

  • They were blind to their unique gifts and the gems in their businesses and often couldn’t discern what their clients were really hiring them to do.

  • They were too fearful to set clear boundaries. They were people pleasers, permission seekers and there was a lot of mission creep.

  • They were taking whatever work they could get to meet their monthly expenses rather than getting really clear on who they were most qualified to work with and what they truly were best at and where their profit lay

  • They didn’t know who their ideal client was, the one who paid more and the one who really appreciated the value they delivered 

  • Their fear of choosing, looking bad and their lack of confidence to commit to their decisions WAS the bottleneck in their business. They were the bottleneck in their business

  • They couldn't grow without getting clear on who they were, what mattered to them, what they really were best qualified to deliver and what they would excitedly show up to deliver again and again with passion, pleasure and ease. 

  • They couldn’t grow if they didn’t separate their business self from their personal identity, their business goals from their personal goals 

  • They couldn’t allow themselves to have what they say they wanted, what they most desired

  • They were overthinking and making it harder than it needed to be. They often could not see what was so plain for everyone else to see. Could they allow it to be easier? 

SO, I used these patterns to document and systemise my own process and as I implemented it, I began to see how this impacted my results with my clients. But I also noticed how it radically impacted my whole work experience. I couldn’t believe the difference. By following the same process each time it completely liberated not only my time but my headspace and energy so now I could be fully present and focused on my clients RATHER than WHAT we needed to get and HOW we would get it

I saw that now I was holding space for their breakthroughs and transformation rather than taking space to direct it. We were all in flow and it liberated us all. I had found my wizardry by letting go of my need to manage or control the outcome.

The surprising (and on reflection obvious) result was to create deeper transformations for my clients and consequently these shifts in perceptions produced far more empowering and powerful outcomes.

I then experimented with guiding my clients to introduce these disciplines into their businesses. Each time, no matter the industry or business it delivered spectacular results for them too. 


In finding my own way back to wonder I was now helping them find theirs.


But always the gamechanger it then occurred to me to introduce another aspect that was a total and absolute gamechanger.

In retrospect I’m a little ashamed to say it took me so long to connect the dots

I shared with them my daily energetic rituals, and technologies for attunement. 

I saw them change before my eyes. 

The work we were doing now landed in a much deeper way. 

It was like light bulbs going on and they were present in a way they had said they had not experienced for years. The consistent making space to access their meditative mind was, in their words, delivering a clarity and confidence they had previously only seen and long admired in their heroes, people like Steve Jobs, Mandela, Obama, Oprah and more. 

They felt they had been given the key to the matrix.

These tools were game changing for them 

They now knew what to prioritise and as important what to STOP doing. They got these intuitive hits that led them to opportunities they could never have predicted and they trusted themselves in a much deeper way.

They only did what produced the results that matters and stopped doing everything else.

The outcome was they led their businesses in a way that changed everything,  not only their sales and profits but how they showed up in their relationships.. They were lighter (many actually lost weight). They were engaged and excited, more open and playful. Everyone in their orbit, their team, their partners, children, friends and extended family, first expressed they were nuts to be doing a daily spiritual practice but then they became more curious as they felt the impact of the change in my client too: 

My clients were stepping into their potential, more confident, bolder, truer to themselves. They stood up for what they believed in and they were kinder and more compassionate too. 

They got really clear about what mattered and didn’t spend time or energy on stuff that previously had sucked their time, headspace, resources and energy. 

This was too good not to share with more people which is why I am sharing this with you now. I want you and as many people as you know to love the work you are doing and the life you are living while steadily and confidently building the life you dream of.

One of my core values is work as purposeful and profitable play. I believe you must first lead yourself so you can lead your business to get the results that matter to you.

My mission is to help conscious creative women (and blokes too) to really crack it commercially by communicating your value with such clarity and conviction your ideal clients immediately get it, want it and feel privileged to work with you and are happy to pay you well too. 

I want you to show you how to work 5 hours or less per day, no more than 4 days a week, with at least 2 months off per year and make 10 times or even more than you are now. 

But let me forewarn you this will require real commitment from you, but I promise you if you show up and do the inner and outer work your success in every area of your life is inevitable.

Let me assure you this can work for you too: liberating your time and energy so you focus on delivering what your clients value and you love to do by really stepping into your unique magical brand identity and positioning yourself to make success inevitable


I don’t dismiss my wizardry anymore. I no longer dispel my magical powers and, as importantly, I don’t use them to flirt, amuse and distract myself from my greater vision.


Well, Hello there Visionaire®!


I am Eilish Bouchier

After 30+ years of creating brands for globals and locals I know deeply the ones that succeed and sustain are the ones who learn from their experiences and tell the best stories. 

I'm an Alchemist, Visionmaker, Brand Strategist, Kundalini Business + Branding Mentor, Design Mensch and CEO of Be Creative.


I have worked at the intersection of creativity and commerce, consciousness and communication with globals - Apple, Vodafone, HarperCollins, Scholastic and locals Ela Nedra, Ruby Slippers, Wealthwise Education, AUstralian Bureau od Statistics, Sussan Group and more . . .from top of town to newly born startups, big government and education, independent artisans and winemakers. 

Personally I have consistently had multiple 5 figure months ($30k+). I've helped hundreds of businesses envision and grow their businesses to 6, 7 figures and beyond.


For the past three years I’ve consistently helped businesses double their lead to sales, triple and quadruple their average sale and move from nail-biting cashflow chaos to way beyond profit paradise. Cocktails on them!


Think of me as your new best friend who takes you on the best adventures while expanding and getting stuff done. You know I've been there, and I am now showing you how to find your way, — your tried, tested and true way - that deeply works for you, soulfully and strategically to get the results that matter to you ... 


Welcome to

Warriors of Wonder

Six modules of learning and experiences sequenced to set the stage for releasing and shifting, insights & ahas! earthquakes, releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, practicing and integrating new ones - landing you at mastery.
Clarity, confidence and congruence!


Essence + Envisioning

Expanding into your energetic mastery means carving new neural pathways, rewiring your subconscious to access your natural success codes.

We'll be weaving the energies of the divine feminine and masculine throughout the program. This step explores who you are and how you got here, taps into your energetics, psychology, epigenetics and natural rhythms, to own your fears and dreams, beliefs, patterns and self-sabotaging stories.

Be inspired and excited by your Soul Board; the manifestation of your most audacious dreams and desires. Designed to be playful, and expanding, it's your most imaginative possibilities. Ideal day, ideal people, ideal places, ideal work, with plenty of space for creativity, restoration and play.


Source + Soul

Now we’ve set the tone for your vision (to infinity and beyond :-) You'll recall and reclaim all aspects of yourself to align you with YOU. You'll divine your passions and purpose, your pleasure and playful self. You'll explore and discern what actually matters and release what's excess and holding you back. 


You'll assess and align your intentions with your actions and begin to mine the gaps between how you show up today and what you envision for your future self. Spoiler alert there’ll be another mood board here - your Personal Brand - this one you might just want keep all to yourself (or share selectively).


Magic + Mastery

Most programmes spend most time here and on your ideal client. I believe that is leading with your resume rather than your legacy. Your business and YOU are more than your resume, work experience and KPIs. Every business is started by people to meet a need or solve a problem that they believe others can’t see or fulfil in the way they can. Each brings their unique way of doing and being in the world along with their skills, their point of view and their experiences.


We’ll be divining and drawing on your past, present and future, blending it all into your unique alchemical mix. Whether you’re a consultant, coach, designer or maker, we’ll emerge with your manifesto and mission, with your clear process and practice that you can repeat. It'll liberate you to deliver with confidence and creativity. It's satisfy your client's need to know how you execute your brilliance. After this step you'll breathe deeper, sleep easier and smile a lot more.

Energy + Empowerment

Many programmes want you to create a client avatar. Instead, let’s ask who are you ideally suited to serve. What is the experience only you can deliver for clients you like, who love you, doing work in a way that lights you up. They feel you want for them, what they want for themselves. It’ll expand you both as you divine and  deliver it. They'll resonate with your story, and be magnetised by your energy. When they find you, they feel a heart, head and gut YES and they enthusiastically choose YOU for themselves. They know you can help them get what they want faster. 

We'll dream them up as we visually create their journey so you can write/speak to them directly and draw them in electro-magnetically



Expansion + Expression

When you know who you are, you stop competing and you start co-creating. The difference is clear in the stories you tell. This is true whether you are a solopreneur, a maker of things or a leader of a large team or organisation. Everything is relationship. Every relationship is an energy exchange. You are now ready to get visual and verbal. You'll create your brand mood board to create the brand look and feel, colours, vibe, imagery, typography.

In this module you'll also craft, collaborate and try out your brand stories, positioning and offerings with your cohort on the coaching calls. At this point your brand look-and-feel and the bones of your business come together. You’ll have your unique story, pillars, practice and your process. You’ll feel so put together you’ll be almost ready to put on a show. You’ll also feel thrilled that you’ve dug deep and done the work to get here. If you need extra help putting together your brand visuals and website we have a team of experts on hand.


Stories + Success

In this module we’ll create your soul-aligned sharing strategy and communications plan—where and when you’ll show up and what you’ll share so your clients get to know who you are, what you know and want to be known for. You’ll also create your conversation slides so you get that sales chat down for when you make the ask so it’s a YES please, when can we start. And of course you'll practice with your fellow programme adventurers.

It's now time to gather each of these elements to compile your unique Vision Brand Guide, which is your reference bible for all business and brand decisions big and small.

This is the branding program you’ve been dreaming up.
You've manifested it. Spirit has answered your 'please'.


  • You want to start a business that inspires, supports and sustains you. 

  • You already have a successful business or role within an enterprise but you feel there’s surely got to be another way, a better way. 

  • You want to build a business and a brand that exists beyond you (even if it is a personal brand) so you can expand and scale it: then you can take time off to create, hang out with your friends and family, travel, study or rest.

  • You want to make money and make a difference.

  • You want more time for yourself and others.

  • You want to integrate your expertise, your gifts and your soul's mission to make impact and income.

  • You want more creativity and purposeful play, less anxiety and overwhelm.

  • You want to walk your talk, in leadership, communication and relationships.

  • You’re interested in energy technologies to embody your leadership and evolve and grow your business in sustainable and sustaining way.

  • You know where there's light, there's shadow and you're ready to embrace ad integrate yours to have the most fun while you do your great work.

  • You want embodied clarity and confidence. Eliminate confusion and doubts.

  • You know if you don't go in, you won't make anything sustainable and fulfilling on the outside.

  • You see business as a spiritual practice and a place to nurture and empower others in a unique culture.

  • You believe or are ready to explore business as purposeful, profitable play.

  • You ready to play an infinite game with a business you love to live in and a brand legacy you are proud to grow into.


The essential

1 February - 26 April 2022

Inside the program 

Weekly Live Classes with live Q&A - 12 weeks of support and accountability for your transformation and evolution

Online Discussion Group with your Warriors of Wonder soul mates who are at or beyond your level of business with theirs, so you can apply everything you learn to your unique business + brand. 

Online resource portal giving you access to downloadable videos, audio files, worksheets, readings, visualisations meditations, design templates and more that you can use now and add to your business library to use forever as you and your business evolves and scales.

VIP upgrade for 1:1 monthly calls with Eilish

You will commit to

1 hour for lessons + 2 hours implementation each week with an additional 3-22 minutes short daily practice to energise your body, attune and develop your confidence in your intuitive mind.


The weekly live Q&A calls will give you the opportunity to get personalised coaching on the course materials. 


There is also the opportunity to meet weekly via phone/skype with an accountability partner to support your process.

3 follow up 60 minute mentoring sessions at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months after graduation with Q&A for implementation challenges

Expect surprises!

Application Process

  1. Complete your application form - Tell and show me you're ready to deep dive into the future of your business. Once you submit your application you will receive a program pack with details of how it all works.

  2. Application phone call with Eilish to align our future working relationship

  3. Approved applicants will be offered their spot with full payment. Payment plans also available.

As a Warriors of Wonder graduate you will be equipped with

Magical and practical skills to step into and embody your role as your Business Visionaire®

Business + Brand Vision Guide for decision-making, brand building, launch actions and product development

Understanding the energetics of business and brand building to create your unique business model

Clear positioning and messaging your ideal clients resonate with and self-select you are for them

Embodied confidence and self-trust to show up and share your message

Know how to witness self sabotaging patterns and rewrite them

Own the power of your stories to tell your brand stories clearly and confidently in service of your clients

Deep cellular reprogramming and soul-aligned business strategy

Learn how to create clients who create clients

Cycles of Creation Guidebook pdf

6 guided kriyas and meditations designed to build your energetic endurance, elevate your frequency and expand your electromagnetic field to receive new levels of prosperity

A library of business resources and readings to add to your arsenal of tools

Understand and master your financial frequency to scale your business to your level of success

9 month online access to course recordings and online resources. Lifetime if you download

‘It was better than an MBA. The programme completely delivered but the the real surprise and total game changer was the personal leadership. I now I do a 2 hour practice each day and I have more time than I had before. I used to shake if I wasn’t at work by 6:30 am. Now I often don’t go in until 10 am.


I signed up for business but it's totally a life and work program. All my relationships are better, seriously better. My conversion went from 35% to 85% within 2 months and is now consistently 90%+ And our average sale has tripled. My sales targets are now a ‘Can we?’ game. It’s not if we’ll sell but how much each sale will be. Our 'ideal client' loves us and they keep referring us. And there’s more. . . Just do it.’


Chris, CEO, Fox Wardrobes

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