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3 - 5  hours

$2,800 in full 

Before you get carried away with the look and feel, the colours and the sexy imagery, wait a minute, this workshop steps back, explores and discovers your vision, your voice, your vibe and how to communicate this with the clarity and  confidence to connect with your audience through all of your points of interaction.


Good design makes for good business — but both drift aimlessly without a clear, concise, congruent soul-aligned business strategy. Trust me when I say you need this.

Using my experience, wisdom and knowledge in brand development before we start, ensures your branding is positioned to inspire resonance that converts to impact and bottom line results.


You might be embarking on your 1st or 7th venture, or you might be a few years in, needing help to refine your existing brand to close the gap between how you are perceived in the market and the real value you know you deliver.


Either way, know we are focused on positively impacting your positioning, purpose, profit and pleasure in being who you are while doing your great work in your day to day.

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Marketing Executive

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This workshop will be the missing link for many.
My huge take away was owning 'who' I am, so I could get to my real why.
Prior to this I had no strategy - I was just doing everything and anything - very directionless and I am sure many wondered what exactly it was I had to offer that was of value to them.
This workshop is VERY important. I feel more people need to know about Eilish and this amazing service.
The whole experience felt incredibly nourishing, supportive and empowering. Just do it. more
Corona Brady, Energy for Life Academy


A 3-5 hour deep dive power session with me. I've been doing this a long time. I can confidently call myself an expert brand strategist.


Together, we'll work through your essence, experience and expression which are the foundations and framework to create your key brand message.


You'll leave feeling super clear, inspired and confident with full conviction about the next steps to take to realise your brand vision, closing the gap between your present reality and your future vision and the YOU your brand will project into the world.


The purpose of this session is to challenge and clarify your strategic thinking aligned with your soul's journey, fortify your business and brand foundations and develop a clear roadmap for your brand.


The contents of the session will be tailored to get to the heart of your unique situation and will include an effective process with worksheets and other tools* to nail your brand essence, experience, expression and embodiment — so you leave with a clear framework, ideal market, positioning,  personality and core idea with creative direction to clarify the imagery, tone, voice and social media.


We'll meet in person over a cuppa and treats or via Zoom.


My work process is always conversational and dynamic, co-creative and playful. I aim for effectiveness over efficiency.


To optimise our time, I'll need some background and insights into your brand and YOU (the leader(s)) before we meet.


I’ll send you a brand checklist to audit your current brand assets (if you have any), and a detailed questionnaire, so we're up on your goals, mission, values, concerns, challenges and priorities so we can do our due diligence and come ready to dive deep taking an objective look at your business and brand.


We know the macro is in the micro: the seed holds the tree, but when we're too close we can't see the wood from the trees. This session is my version of Eames Power of Ten*


The workshop is soul therapy meets a challenging hike. Divining the who, why, what, how and for whom is the focus of strategic brand positioning and storytelling.


To know where you are going, you have to be present in your now and shamelessly own where you've come from.


We divine, discover, stretch and expand who you need to be to 'own your space': to surprise and delight, engage and grow your clients.


When you look, feel and do great work—and feed your bottom-line, you've got the resources and space to keep evolving and growing and put something aside for the unfolding future.

for whom?

I'm on a mission to make conscious creatives commercially clever with the embodied confidence that is so often neglected (you are always your first sale). So you're

  • in dream-up or startup mode—an entrepreneur or a team with a strong vision.

  • in ramp-up mode, looking to redefine your brand-positioning or clarify your strategy.

  • a growing business needing to reimagine your brand culture and for your team, clients and ecosystem

  • a mature business developing a sub-brand or introduce new products within your brand stable

  • a mature business expanding into new markets.

  • a creative professional developing your personal brand or product launch

we'll cover

  • Vision: Where are you going?

  • Mission/Purpose: Who are you? Why does your business exist? Whom do you serve? What problem(s) do you solve?

  • Priorities: What do you need to focus on and in what sequence to achieve your Vision?

  • Planning: What do you need to do and when to accomplish your strategic priorities.

  • Values: What matters to you?

  • Measurement: How will you know you are successful?

*Depending on your needs we will use a combination of conversation, breathwork, meditation, visualisation and tarot, astrology, and numerology. 

My longer term 1:1 mentoring is only available for people who purchase this workshop or an astro session.  


My longer-term 1:1 mentoring clients invest between $6,000 - $12,000, depending on the cycle and rhythm of the mentoring container we design together.


Once I receive your booking I will send you some pre-workshop questions. 

If you're still wondering if I can deliver the goods, check out what others say here, but hey, first book the workshop ... 

You know your intuition guided you here :-)

Brand Strategy Workshop

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