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I am Eilish Bouchier

After 30+ years of creating brands with globals and locals. I know deeply the ones that succeed and sustain are the ones who truly love what they help others do and tell the best stories. Stories their clients resonate with and are eager to share.

They do this by becoming WHO THEY ARE.
Embodying the story only they can tell in service of the mission and vision that is their birthright.

They are earning trust and creating impact while creating the future they imagine. Often what limits your success isn’t the value of your offerings —it’s your inability to move beyond what you've been taught to believe about the world and yourself.


The stories we tell ourselves influence the stories we tell others.


I use relational astrology to help you connect with the many aspects and expression of your personality, character, life, and future.


Design thinking to help you craft the path you are most qualified, suited and excited to take.


And, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to build the mindset, vitality, magnetism and grit you'll need to get there.

Together these prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to make your dreams come true if you're committed and curious to explore and  embody your potential and power.

The real work of business and branding is differentiation.

Most try to differentiate through competition. Constant compare and contrast is hard work and will exhaust you as you fight to keep up with an ever changing market. We will work through integration where your uniqueness naturally emerges. 

I can teach you how to see the world and yourself in a way that inspires you to love the life you are living while building the legacy your are proud to grow into.

Are you ready?


‘Leadership is not bestowed. It is earned. The pyramid top-down system is being replaced by a cyclical model where leadership comes from within. Those who tune in, will flow with it. Those who are not aligned will struggle. This is why we practice: to become self-sensory, self-mastered human beings.’

I am an award-winning Business and Brand-Visioning expert, Designer, Senior Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Tantric Heart Practitioner, Loving Presence and Self-Mastery Teacher . . . Inner and Outer World Traveller.


I have worked at the intersection of creativity and commerce, consciousness and communication with globals and locals from top of town to new born startups, government and education, artists and winemakers.

I grew up 90km from the Blarney Stone (have never kissed it). I've lived, worked and travelled in more countries than letters in my rather long name - Eilish Gabriel Patricia Cecilia Bouchier - observing, experiencing and learning. The transformations that followed have shaped my way of being and doing.

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