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Welcome to the Moon Deck 


Join the Moon Deck for only $7/month

The Moon Deck is a simple and gentle space where you receive an audio message from me, Eilish Bouchier every New + Full Moon, with some journalling prompts or creative questions to set your intention with the New Moon, then at the Full Moon, embrace or release has surfaced: then integrate the energies before the cycle begins again.

We all travel the 12 signs of the zodiac each year and if we’re 'in flow' we’re embodying more of each sign with each revolution, while creating our spiral of success. As you travel through each sign you'll notice the subtle and tangible differences. We all experience these uniquely because, well, we are!

The purpose of this container is to bring a simple and gentle discipline, awareness, and beauty to your life - day by day, month by month. You'll learn about the moon and astrology but mostly about yourself - your rhythms, habits, patterns and cycles, conditioning and beliefs and how to work with your gifts and skills to create a life you love living. 

Life can seem to move at an overwhelming pace. The intention of this space is to take some moments to pause and notice each month amidst the busyness to observe rhythms, cycles and seasons: and maybe make small incremental adjustments as you notice, need and desire.

Moon Deck
$7 each month
New + Full Moon Audio Transmissions with Eilish Bouchier

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