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Crystal of the Week – Bloodstone

via pinterest via Deborah Wiltshire

Bloodstone, the stone of courage is exactly what I need this week. Is it what you need too?

I am off to India tomorrow, more on that later . . .

There are many myths surrounding Bloodstone. Among them that it was formed when Christ’s blood fell on the earth when he was on the cross. Thus staining the green earth with his blood.

Bloodstone combines the green ray of the heart with the red of the base chakra. All at once It is heart opening and assists us to be present in this material world.

Bloodstone gives us courage when we are faced with challenges when what we value is tested. There’s a New Moon in Taurus since Friday. (My New Moon Ritual is here) This new moon is asking us what we value, how do we value ourselves. And how this shows up in our lives.

Do we have the courage to take the actions to create our hearts desires, to take those faithful daily steps to build our dreams.

Courage is not about taking unnecessary risks, defending our honour, or seeking danger to prove we are courageous.

True courage is holding our emotional balanceand having the strength of mind and spirit to take actionto follow what we know is true in our hearts.This is the path of the Spiritual Warrior.

Bloodstone en’courages’ us to know where our hearts are leading us and to follow this path. We have chosen to be on the Earth plane to learn, to grow and have fun with everything and everyone else here too.

We often tell ourselves we can’t for a whole raft of reasons. Sometimes we fear others’ judgement, failure, loss. We can create and change our story at any moment to create a different reality; one aligned with our heart.

I believe we are here to be the most unique expression of ourselves to create a life that engages, delights and supports us while being mindful we are all in this together.

Bloodstone encourages you to listen to you heart and where it wants to take you, to give you the courage to take the first steps towards your heart’s desire.

Are you listening? Are you ready? Are you excited?

Chakra: Base

Affirmation: I have the courage to act on my heart’s knowing

Each time I travel to India I become nervous in the days preceding the trip. Yet as soon as I land I feel completely happy and at home. I love the colour, the chaos and the people. And yet every time before I go these feelings emerge I feel it is a mix of not knowing so many things: if these new designs are the right direction, spending all that money, not earning for weeks, just to create something I have dreamed up . . . Round and round the story goes . . .

Yet I go and I know I create beautiful things because you keep telling me so. I know I create unique pieces that touch the people who buy them in a special way. The pieces start a conversation with themselves so they begin or continue on their journey to find their courage for what it is they need to do.

I have learned to embrace my doubts and my fears. I talk to them as though to a small child who is spooked by the dark. I tell them I am here, I am listening and I will take good care of them. Like us all they like to be listened to and they feel appeased by my care and attention.

Do you know your fears? How do they make you feel? How do you deal with them? Do they stop you moving forward or can you Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

What is your heart’s desire? And what one small step can you take towards it today. The best conversations happen in the blog. See you over there. Have a great week

PS Also check out my Visualisation in Action workshop which is about getting beyond the fear and into action. Tonight is still a good time to do your New Moon ritual It’s a great time to set some intentions for the next cycle

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