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#15 Embodying the Leo brand archetype

So today we're going to talk about the fifth sign of the Zodiac, which is Leo. Leos have got the hair. Have you ever met a Leo who can't hear flick and giggle?

It's the look at me sign of the Zodiac. And no matter how shy introverted or below the radar you fly? We all want to be seen, heard and valued for who we are. Unrelated to our productivity, our impact, financial worth, what we do oranything else. As a breathing human being, you are a ruler, a creator.

You have the power to identify yourself? You have beautiful ruler, Leo energy in you.

What was it that Eleanor Roosevelt said.

'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.'

That's tough, powerful Leo energy right there. Leos want to identify and call out who they are. Be acknowledged for that position. And sustain it.

They like to play, create and rule. And they want others to notice.

Leo is the first social sign. And it wants to rule the sandbox. Of course it's ruled by the sun. What else, for the ruler, archetype of the Zodiac, but the brightest most powerful planet in our solar system.

It's mantra is I create. But not only in that artistic painterly way, that most of us think of creation.

Leo creates it's kingdom and then it rules it.

It's energy and polarity is yang. A masculine energy.

It's element is fire.

It's quality is fixed. So that's fixed fire. Being fixed means it stabilizes things. And in Leo's case, it want to fix its identity.

Remember it follows Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, the conditioned self, the emotional filter through which you process your world, which follows Gemini who thinks and talks. Who follows Taurus who grounds and contains and establishes what you value after Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac bursts out of the gate to start a new astrological cycle afresh.

Aries in all its pioneering. I am here and let's get this party started energy. So as day follows night, Leo wants to socialize and play. And it wants to let you know who it is, in relationship to you.

When we think of its anatomy, I bet you knew that it ruled the heart. Circulation, blood pressure, spine, back. And curiously the left eye.

Lions are its symbol - brave hearted and courageous. And of course the metal is gold. The gemstone is Peridot, which is a stunning green. And the colors associated with are golds and oranges, like a really strong, beautiful, brilliant harvest.

When we come to St. Leo's fragrances, orange blossom. And it has rulership over all those deep, yellow and golden flowers. Like marigolds and the sunflowers that stands so proud and tall.

Stepping into the vibrant, glowing and magnetic world of the Leo archetype as the performer of the Zodiac, so grab your favourite costume and let's play, let's perform and unleash our creativity to play Leo, the shining star at the Zodiac, who is the key to self expression creativity. And playful role-playing in every aspect of life, love and work.

But just like a mischievous kitten, Leo can express itself skillfully and unskillfully. Skillfully expressed Leo embodies, confidence leadership and the ability to inspire, up lift and elevate others. They bring joy and excitement wherever they go, encouraging everyone around them to embrace their own unique light.

However, when they're having an off day, when they're unskillful, Leo may become overly me, me, me, look at me. You know, it can be super ego-driven.

We need that ego to imagine, to envision. But when it's unskillful, it's seeking attention and admiration and validation to fill their own insecurities. As Leo's develop on their archetypal journey, they dive deeper. This is the archetypal of journey of every sign.

We need the yamas and niyamas in our life, love and work to give us a container. We've already established our values with Taurus, so for Leo, the Yama of Satya truthfulness, so they courageously express their authentic selves. And encourage others to do the same. Leo's give us a license to express ourselves, leading by their bold examples and their creative pursuits. They cultivate the new Yama of Satvya, Self study, exploring their inner depths to fuel their artistic endeavors. Think of an actor, who really inhabits its character. digging deep into all the nuance - the light and the dark, the shadow and the great expression of that character.

So now let's explore the experiences that our Leo brand naturally offers. Leo brand is all about creating magical and captivating experiences that leave people feeling inspired and entertained. From theater productions and theme parks to innovative workshops and experiential marketing. Leo knows how to create a sense of wonder and excitement for their audience.

The archetypal characters of the Leo brand first up has to be the ruler. So this brand exudes authority and sophistication making customers feel like royalty. They excel in industries like luxury hotels or high-end fashion, offering a luxurious experience fit for Kings and Queens. A prime example of the ruler archetype is of course the Ritz Carlton known for its impeccable service and attention to detail. A core part of their brand. Is to empower all of their employees to take the initiative when serving and caring for their guests without seeking permission from management.

The performer is the next archetype. And this brand knows how to steal the show and captivate its audience. They shine in industries like live entertainment or public speaking, where they can showcase their creativity and stage presence. Oprah is a great embodiment of the Leo archetype. So influential figures that embody the essence of the performer archetype. Actors are an obvious example.

Our third archetype is the creator and this brand channels it's artistic talent into creating unique and innovative products or services. From visionary art to cutting edge technology. They infuse their creations with passion on flare. Think of brands like Apple and Tesla. Think of Steve Jobs who so knew how to perform, how to present. Theatricality was employed each time they launched new products. The creator archetype creating visionary products likes to rule their sector.

The emotions, the colors, the sounds, the smells, the tastes associated with Leo are:

Emotionally. Leo will always evoke feelings of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. It's high summer. They have a radiant and magnetic energy that lights up any room they enter in terms of colors, always vibrant shades, orange, reflecting its regal and passionate nature.

As for sounds, the applause of an audience or the beat of a lively drum, perfectly capture the essence of Leah's magnetic captivating presence. They'll never shy away from dress up our performance, of costume and setting a stage to transform a moment.

The smell of a summer breeze at the taste of a decadent desert and feelings of pleasure and indulgence, resonate deeply with Leos playful and extravagant energy.

In the market. Leo archetypes are perceived as confident, creative and influential leaders. Salesmanship is second nature to them.

They attract clients who are drawn to their captivating presence and seek experiences. That ignite their passion and self expression. So ideal clients for a Leo brand are individuals who crave inspiration and want to feel special and seen, but find it hard to step into that performative part of themselves such as Aquarius who are concerned with community and equality. Think of event planners, such as wedding planners who are creating a portal so you can step into a whole new imaginary world

So now let's explore the tarot cards associated with Leo, the strength card and bodies, the essence of Leo. Representing their courage, resilience and the power. To tame their own inner lion.

The mythical archetype is the Egyptian goddess, Sexmeth embodies, the essence of Leo. Sexsmith who was the lion headed goddess of war and healing symbolizing the duality of strength and compassion that is skillful Leo hoes.

The Leo essence is surrounding yourself in vibrant environments like a bustling carnival or an inspiring theatre performance.

So fabulous souls. This concludes our journey into the radiant world of the Leo archetype. So embrace your creativity, your self expression and leadership, and everyone has this in their charge.

Look for the house where your Leo is to see where and how you'll express it.

What area of your life? And remember to always play and perform with your heart wide open. We open hearts and change minds when we become our greatest self-expression, when we step into our most potent and powerful selves.

So. In the last episode, which was number 14. I spoke about how you can use these archetypes in your work and in your life how to identify your ideal clients?

How to identify your own leadership through your Ascendant, and your ideal clients through your descendant. The essence of who you are as your Sun. This is your greatest and most potent experience. In Vedic, astrology. They lead with the Lagan (Ascendant), which is the first house. Your MC is your public facing self, your professional and most public self. It answer the question 'what do you want to be known for?

Go back and listen to that episode and it'll give you a really insight into where you can really step into your Leo ruler, Leo creator, Leo performer.

Until next time, let your inner star shine bright. And remember that life is a grand stage. Waiting for you to claim your particular spotlight.

And until we meet again, embrace your magic and may your life be a dazzling masterpiece of self-expression and joy.

If you love these themes and topics there are two ways to work with me and some tools you can use in your day to day.

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