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#12 Embodying the Taurus Brand Archetype

The second sign of the 12 zodiac signs is Taurus, is all about what you value. What you value is how you spend your time, money thoughts and energy so you’ll want to know where Taurus is in your chart to see the area of life it impacts

So first up its

Ruling Planet: Venus - god of sex, love, beauty, money and war is its needed

Energy Polarity: Yin/Feminline

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed - is a fixed sign which means its a stabising energy. It grounds and contains what the fire energy started.

Anatomy: The neck is under the influence of Taurus - that includes the throat, vocal chords, tonsils and thyroid.

Metal: is of course copper and that beautiful patina it acquires as it ages

Gemstone: Emerald is known as the main birthstone for Taurus. This gorgeous green gemstone is a variety of Beryl and has been worn by rulers of various global civilisations for thousands of years, including Cleopatra. And of course still associated with prosperity and wealth.

Colour: Greens and pinks though more muted earthy tones, deep jewel colours

Scent The Taurus fragrance includes apple, honeysuckle, magnolia, rose, and oakmoss. Taurus signs are naturally stable, even-keeled people, but have a tendency to get set in their ways. This romantic fragrance is influenced by beauty and devotion and sensuality, a surefire antidote for rigidity.

Flowers Daisy poppy lily palms pomegranate olive mango avocado

Today we're diving deep into the earthy and sensual world of the Taurus archetype. So grab a cozy blanket, settle in, and let's explore the skilful and unskillful expressions of Taurus.

Alright, my fellow cosmic beings, let's talk about the Taurus archetype and how you can embody its earthy and sensual qualities in your life and work. Remember you are all 12 signs. For sure your Sun - essence, Rising - projection /pov and Moon - emotions are power bases. Any house and sign where you have planets has strong energy and even those without planets show an area of life that while it may not be challenging or a big focus it will be activated by transits and also a part of your rich tapestry of life.

So let’s get into Taurus, symbolized by the Bull, is known for its grounded nature, determination, and appreciation for the sensual pleasures of life. But like any archetype, Taurus has its skillful and unskillful sides.

When skillfully expressed, Taurus embodies qualities like patience, reliability, and loyalty. Earthy and fixed the value security and stability more than any other sign. Taurus is the natural followers of the Aries - Activating fiery passion. It wants to ground and bring form to what Aries started and help us understand the importance of stability and enjoy creating a secure foundation for ourselves and others. Taurus knows how to find joy in the simple pleasures of life, like savoring a delicious meal or reveling in the beauty of nature.

So let’s talk key words for the skilled expression of Taurus:

refined, graceful, artistic, balanced, focused, determined, powerful, sustaining,

concentrated, stabilizing, practical, stable, patient, deliberate, sensuous, resolute,

grounded, structured, enduring, receptive, magnetic, intuitive, introverted

Unskilled expression of Taurus:

indulgent, vain, lazy, unbalanced, rigid, obsessed, greedy, stubborn, resistant to change, inert, afraid to take risks, possessive, materialistic, opportunistic, negative

So, knowing that let's talk about how Taurus applies the principles of the Yamas and Niyamas in life and work. Taurus embraces the Yama of Satya, truthfulness, by being honest and authentic in their dealings with others. They embody the Niyama of Santosha, contentment, by finding joy in what they have and cultivating a sense of gratitude. Taurus is the Madonna’s material girl. It relishes the material world and wants to experience its full beauty. Remember Its ruled by Venus.

And remember we live in a polar universe where we understand everything relationsally and the where there’s light there’s shadow so truthfulness can become deceit - not something you’d want your brand known for, and the opposite of contentment is a a lam content or being always antsy looking for more in that state you can’t ever be present and taurus at its best is the most present embodied and ecstatic of signs because it loves its embracing its incarnation to the maximum.

When it comes to branding, Taurus has the potential to create a lover, farmer, or trader brand. These brands capture the essence of Taurus, each with its own unique characteristics and vibe.

A lover brand embodies sensuality, romance, and luxury. These brands excel in industries such as high-end fashion, fine dining, or luxurious spas. Think of brands like Victoria Secrets, Chanel or Ritz-Carlton, which evoke a sense of indulgence and allure. Or more personal brands like Elle Mc Phearson’s Wellco. You might even put those kardashian girls in here especially Kim

On the other hand, a farmer brand represents stability, craftsmanship, and connection to the earth. These brands can be found in industries like organic food, sustainable fashion, or handmade goods. They emphasize the value of tradition and authenticity. Think of brands like Farmer Joe’s or Whole Foods, which prioritize ethical practices and quality craftsmanship. Personal brands are Rachelle Robinett the herbalist

Lastly, a trader brand embodies practicality, reliability, and efficiency. These brands excel in industries such as finance, logistics, or technology. They prioritize functionality and delivering value to their customers. Brands like Amazon or FedEx exemplify the trader archetype, offering convenient and reliable services. Tony Robbins fits right in here as does Melissa Griffin a money mindset coach.

When it comes to the visual and sensory elements associated with Taurus branding, think of earthy tones and textures. Taurus is often associated with colors like lush green, rich brown, rose pink and warm earth tones. These colors evoke a sense of grounding, stability, and connection to nature. There’s nothing garish here it’s sink into me and touch me colours

A Taurus brand naturally excels in skills that require patience, reliability, and attention to detail. They thrive in industries where trust and consistency are valued. Whether it's project management, gardening, or craftsmanship, Taurus brands bring a sense of dependability and excellence to their work.

In the market, Taurus brands are often perceived as dependable, trustworthy, and sensually appealing. Their attention to detail and focus on quality resonate with individuals who appreciate craftsmanship, authenticity, and reliability. Taurus brands may attract clients who value long-term relationships and appreciate a sense of luxury and comfort.

Now, because I’m magical and draw a card every day, let's explore the tarot cards associated with Taurus. The Empress, representing abundance, sensuality, and nurturing energy, resonates strongly with the Taurus archetype. The perfect matching to the empire building Aries Emperor. The Hierophant, embodying tradition, stability, and spiritual guidance, also aligns with Taurus values.

To immerse yourself in the Taurean vibes, here are some song suggestions: "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones, "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson, and "Smooth Operator" by Sade and with a little Irish contribution is Mary Coughlan’s ‘Seduced. Surround yourself with the scents of fresh earth, blooming flowers, and warm vanilla to truly embrace the Taurus energy.

And if you're looking for people who embody the Taurean spirit, think of Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, and Adele. These individuals exude the grounded yet sensual qualities that make Taurus shine.

In Episode #10 we discussed the 4 categories the astro powered brand archetypes, Taurus falls under our dreamweavers who have a specialist skill to share. Listen to that episode to get the full story and so my fellow earthlings, that wraps up our exploration of the Taurus archetype. Check out which house your Taurus is in in your chart. For me it’s my third house. It rules communication, divination, divine feminine, neighbourhood, local travel, writing, siblings, peers, audience and tribe, which you my dear listener are a part of.

So go forth and embrace your sensuality, cultivate stability, and savor the simple pleasures of life. Join me in the next episode as we uncover the next fascinating archetype on the journey to freedom and self-discovery. You likely already know it’s the first social sign Gemini and who can resist Gemini’s charm and curiosity

Thank you for tuning in to the Discipline of Freedom Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. Connect with us on social media to continue the conversation. Until next time, embrace your inner Taurus and stay grounded on your path to freedom.

There are two ways to work with me. You can book a brand strategy workshop or book an Astro blueprint session to explore my one-to-one coaching, to give you insight into what makes you truly unique and how to work with that to design your work, love and life your way.

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