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Crystal of the Week – Lapis Lazuli

The stone of self knowledge

Again perfect as we draw closer to 21.12.12, Christmas and as we approach a new year.

So, self-knowledge

We must truly know ourselves to be able to manifest what it is we truly want.

Not what we think we want but what will truly serve our heart’s desire.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently as we prepared for our Visualisation in Action WorkshopIt is easy to decide you want a handsome adoring husband with a great job (that he loves), that pays so fabulously well you don’t need to work (for money), a cool car (a cream Mercedes 190sl for me, cream please), a harbourside/beachside/mountain top/inner city house (why just one?), cute, happy, brilliant, funny and uncomplicated kids, designer clothes and a perfectly toned body that looks great in them, a kitchen that cooks gourmet meals (by itself on occasion and cleans up too)

Any blonde can do this but to channel what you really want, what will make you happy and grateful, even on those less than splendid days. Well, that takes some self-knowledge.

It takes some delving into our darker and deeper sides. Sitting with ourselves and waiting to hear the answer.

Royal Eqyptians used Lapis Lazuli to make jewellery. They also used to ground it down to make eye makeup.

The Pharaoh was seen as God and the other Royals as his inner sanctum, so resonating with Lapis Lazuil was seen as a direct line to the Divine wisdom.

It aids us to access our psychic abilities granting us a depth of insight and clarity. it stimulates the mind aiding us to learn and understand. It helps us to commune with our spirits. We are here to explore and learn about ourselves – what drives us, what we believe in, what we want to create.

It’s the tagline for the jewelsDiscover your self every day.

As Rilke saidThe only journey is the journey within

The more we know ourselves the easier it is for us to choose where to invest our time, our energy, where to shine our light.

It enables us to take action to create the life we want

With self-knowledge, we understand we create our external world from our inner world.

Without it, we believe our lives are happening to us.

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Take a few moments to look at the stone

Quickly answer the questions below. Write the first thing that pops into you head.

Are you living the life you wish to lead?

What 3 things would you change (small or large)?

What part are you playing in keeping them the same?

What 3 things in your life delight you?

What 3 things are you really good at, comes as natural to you as breathing?

What do people keep thanking you for doing/being?

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

What do you tell your friends they must do?

As it’s the season of giving and receiving – What would you wish to give or receive on Tuesday that would make you tingle inside and outside?

Please write your comments below (and feel free to pass on to anyone who might be looking for some gift inspiration)

The affirmation for Lapis Lazuli is

I am open to Divine wisdom

Have a wonderful holiday season

x Eilish

btw I am teaching a Kundalini Yoga class on Christmas morning 6.00 am – 7.15 am on Bondi Beach in front of the North Bondi SLSC $5 or what you wish to give to support the creation of the Labyrinth at Centennial Park Followed by a quick swim and coffee (if anywhere is open)

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