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Daily practice – 5 reasons to write it down


Smile (Photo credit: aftab.)

I don’t know about you but I’m a hopeless implementer unless I organise my day. I can spend hours getting distracted by an array of interesting and silly things.

The internet is an endless theme park but I can be as easily diverted by doing another load of laundry or colour coding my underwear (yes I do:-)

While the laundry needs to be done it doesn’t move my projects forward, pay the bills or more importantly move me closer to creating the freedom and dreams that excite and delight me.

A couple of years ago I created some planners for my Visualisation in Action workshop and now use them daily to get stuff done. Here are some good reasons why it works to write stuff down You can see the planners below. Let me know if you’d like a copy of them.

  1. It organises things in your head. When we write something down we make more sense of it before we commit it to paper.

  2. Lists work. They help you focus and reduce stress. They allow you to prioritise paying your tax over washing the dog, making the sales call over buying that dress:-)

  3. You commit it to memory. Yes, it seems if we make an action of a thought we embed it a little deeper. 7 times more than reading it. Think of it like engraving rather than it just being written on a foggy window. Write it down and you’re more likely to remember it (not just because you see the note 🙂 but because it scratches the surface of your psyche. It doesn’t just fly amongst all those other thousands and thousands of thoughts.

  4. The satisfaction of completion. When you’ve done it. Smile, and put a tick on it. Don’t cross it out and if you only got it partially completed. Schedule it for another day.

  5. Allows you to plan your day but I try to stick to no more than 3 things a day. You know how much time you have to get stuff done each day. Be realistic about what you can do and refine over time. I limit myself to 3 larger things (not building Rome), 3 tasks, 3 calls and checking emails 3 times a day e.g. Today I did a blog post, a design for an event (flyer) and response to a proposal for the next version of the app. I also wrote a letter, paid 3 bills, answered emails, made 2 calls.

If you want like a copy of my daily and weekly planner. Please email me. You can print them out or use them electronically. They include fun stuff too because every day need work and play x

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