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Full Moon in Capricorn – Slow and steady wins the day

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Capricorn is about structure. It’s clear, constant, consistent. I must have felt its imminent arrival when I wrote this post earlier this week. This full moon raises questions about boundaries, and the basic things that underpin your life and the pursuit of your dreams. Are they sandcastles built on air or are your foundations solid. Not only the external ones. We have all learned how quickly they can be shaken but your sense of self, your core beliefs about yourself.

Capricorn is practical. It is slow and steady and loyal. It has stickabilty (essential in anything sustainable), Overnight successes are built on solid experience. Everything about Capricorn calls for this. Cancer the sun sign at the moment is the archetype of the Mother, reassuring, nurturing, Capricorn the Father, fair and firm and stable so this full moon will shine light on what needs to be resolved or released to bring harmony to mother/father energies, masculine/feminine energies. Expect your relationships to be shaken and stirred. Keep this meditation literally at the tips of your fingers

It makes me think of David Whyte’s Three Marriages where he talks about a new relationship or marriage, being an apprenticeship where we have to learn to be while also learning to give space.

We can resist change and become stagnant and that’s neither good for the goose nor the gander. We are both masculine and feminine energies and like nature we are alway seeking balance. There’s our feeling side (feminine) and the doing side masculine.

It’s a dance within us, It’s a dance we express in the world. It’s a dance we have in all our relationships, the one we have with ourselves, with our significant other with our work and on it goes. Dancers need harmony. Partners, must trust, sink into and sync with each other.

Its best to seek and discover our internal balance before we express it in the world The absence of internal stability often manifests in external dramas, crisis and meltdowns

This full moon calls us to redress this balance

With Capricorn’s steady structure in place, We can weather any storm. We recognise the need for growth and the unsettling transition and can ride the waves as they rise and fall until the current becomes calmer again

Dig deep find that inner strength you have been cultivating. If you’re a crisis meditator (life’s shite you meditate, things get good again. You forget 🙂

Accept it’s the daily practice that keeps us steady and strong. What do you practice every day?

Patience is paramount in Capricorn. Rome nor dreams were built in a day. Breathe fully into the process, Know that step by step you are moving closer. Settle in and choose to enjoy the journey. Each precious moment and experience brings lessons and insights when you can see them.

Become aware of your needs and meet them yourself. Choose to be responsible for your own happiness. You know its only possible from within yourself. Create healthy boundaries for yourself, and exercise healthy selfishness. Be in integrity with yourself first. Pause before saying yes. Pause before saying no. Recognise your weaknesses. Own them but don’t let hiding them rule you. Establish daily habits that support you.

Capricorn is very grown up, emotionally and practically mature. It’s not boring, it just works. It’s also creates real freedom: structure that allows you to grasp new opportunities and let go of old paradigms that have been hanging around too long.

Become your own ally, your own authority. You know your truth. Begin to truly love it and live it.

If it all sounds a little heavy well Capricorn is a tough task master Stay grounded through it. The energies will change in the next couple of weeks. See this full moon as a turning point. Dance with your shadows, face them and clear your karma. Raise your vibration to be ready and lighter for what’s next Really there is light in the cracks.

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy there’s also a funny side to the story:-)


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