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Full Moon in Gemini – Two sides to every story

From all accounts this full moon is two sided – possibilities and self sabotage, potential and impatience, heart opening and firmly single pointed. It is Gemini after all. Try to feel it, see it, be with it. Find what is true for you and bring the big ‘C’ to it.

Commitment. We are meant to commit to something (coffee, yoga, swims and . . . . . something bigger than us, something that lights us up and only we can do).

Full moons bring light to the shadows and illuminate what we might not have seen before. The sun is in Sagittarius, opposing the moon in Gemini. This suggests you might be cool with what truths are uncovered, what insights you unfold. It will bring fresh perspectives, if you can allow it.

Try acceptance rather than resistance. Try patience rather than pushing, It can create a different future. Sit on your hands if you need to. There’s gonna be a lot of restless energy about.

Mars is rushing ahead eager for new beginnings but its in Libra (it’s opposing sign) which brings up relationships. We are asked once more. Are we simply putting a new face on old patterns or have we truly broken the habits? (which of course are most entrenched with those we know the best and longest e.g. button pushing family.

A full moon in Gemini as Sara Varcas of Astro Awakenings writes is flexible but this can simply be a mask for not committing, keeping the peace, being passive aggressive or skirting the edges.

Uranus turning direct asks other questions? As a complete aside do you think the skies are mirroring the Christmas rush? There’s a lot going on up there!

Do we truly want this freedom we talk of, dream of? Can we handle real freedom? Do we have the courage to be who we are, wherever and with whomever we are Even as I write this I can feel the energy welling in my sacral. (belly, it’s where we feel our emotions) I can see changes happening all around me New doors are opening. Do I have the courage to walk through them? Yes please even if my fingers and toes are crossed and I’m not quite feeling as sure as I’d like.

Do you have the courage, the faith? It’s a big ask. It brings fear with excitement, exploration and discovery. It’s like jumping off a cliff knowing the water is there but it’s a long way away. It may not happen in a moment but its like a volcano inside us, once we ignite it and feel the heat of the flame warming our hearts. We add more fuel, and then more and sooner or later, we know we are truly committed to this choice, this path, as we uncover the layers we have hidden ourselves under.

There is freedom in truth, It will set us free.

Back to Sarah on Uranus going direct

‘There is change to be embodied and freedom to be embraced. Not the controlled freedom of surface peace and polite tolerance but the radical, boundary shaking freedom of radical truth and awakened authenticity.

How’s that for a potent full moon at a time when there’s a lot of potency of another kind about. Remember, compassion for yourself and others. What’s stuck may begin to flow, What’s deep might just surface. Practice this mantra ‘Sat Nam, Sat Nam, I am truth, Truth I am’

So ‘fess’ up to what’s happened in your past. We all have one. Look at it square in the eye and then let it go. Gracefully, happily and peacefully. Know, know, know. You can create a new future. We can together. We don’t need to keep recreating the past. Enough of that old soldier.

I’m embracing joy, and play, and fun. Said gasping like the gleeful three year old that’s inside us all After I’ve done the letting go ritual, of course. As they say where I come from ‘Are you with me or agin (against) me?’

So as we approach the silly season. Once more watch your words. your thoughts. Notice what you are creating, avoiding, circumventing, teasing. This full moon gives us a chance to notice and release. It’s the end of a year and a pretty full on year for most of us. What patterns, habits, thought patterns and limiting beliefs do you want to let go of? What messed up thing did your sister/brother/mother/father/friend do when you were four that it’s time to truly forgive them for?

Do the ritual and open your heart as you watch those hurts and fears wash away, like grime in a reverse graffiti Let it reveal something beautiful that’s hiding beneath. It’s there you know.

And then, make sure to check out Sarah Varcas’ Your Misson for 2014 post. She talks about the Black Moon Lilith of last weekend and asks What was on your mind last weekend? What insights did you have? Apparently it’s the outline of what’s next, Details to be advised later. I am convinced we get spoon fed information on a need to know basis.

So gather a notebook and pen, light a candle. The ritual is here Enjoy and let me know in the comments what comes up for you. After all, we’re in this together and the conversation is always richer when shared.

Also be sure to check out my Visualisation in Action Workshop on Sunday January 5th at the new Sydney Kundalini Centre in Newtown. I’ve run this workshop several times now and every time people report back with surprise and delight how much of their goals/desires/wishes were realised. Everything from couches to cookers (me, me, mine so, so, so excited) work to travel and more. It’ll be fun and what a great gift to give yourself to set up your New Year. But don’t take my word for it. Read what others say and email me with any questions.

Now, the New Moon falls so beautifully on December 31. Perfect time for setting new intentions. Until then have the most wonderful time. Wishing you lots of fun and great presents in every sense of that word. xx

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