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Full Moon in Virgo – Perfectly Imperfect You

Helmut Newton via Pinterest

Helmut Newton via Pinterest

Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo. Now we all know Virgo is the micro manager, the detail driven everything has a place and why is it not in it?

Virgo is also the virgin, the perfect beginning, and this full moon with all its Piscean energy is reminding us that perfection is fluid, it’s dreamy, it’s not easy to define and so why get bogged down in the detail when we just know it’s all taken care of.

I often joke that the definition of being human is being a control freak. We feel ourselves these tiny insignificant individual creatures swimming alone in this great expanse. It makes us feel vulnerable, isolated and alone.

Within this separation we contract and contraction is control, reigning in our resources, exerting all our efforts to manage our immediate environment and the world as we see it. And, oh how that confines us and limits us. And we deeply know we cannot control our external circumstances.

Sarah Varcas whom I love puts it this way

‘But in all things, the human instinct is to tame and control, exploit and oppress. We do this to ourselves and each other, fearing our raw power, overwhelming emotions, lust, rage, love and fear.’

The only thing we can control is ourselves. We have to go in so we can with what is outside.

The beauty is in the chaos in the messy interaction with each other with all that is: brushing up close and personal against foreign places, people, tongues, foods, experiences, ideas, habits, ways of being.

And as we all know we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own homes to do this. Some of the most foreign people to us are the ones we choose to live with:-)

we know we are held and supported in every moment. Sure it’s not always easy but who among us would want that. We’re here to engage, to be present with all its ugliness and beauty, to be transformed and changed by it, to float the waves of calm and surf the storm, to lean into the gales and be caressed by the gentle breezes. To be stripped naked by our passions redressed and reframed in anew.

So remind yourself of your intention from the Aquarian New Moon two weeks ago which was all about owning your own truth, while accepting universal truths and acknowledging everyone’s is different.

Are you ready to release what gets in the way of you living into the beauty that is already yours, that is your unique expression of your imperfect perfection.

That we can already see, often despite your best efforts to shield it from us all.

Drop the judgments of others to distract from putting the focus on yourself Drop the pretense, Drop the shields,

As Molly Hall suggests that

We’re invited to manifest with sure-footedness, from a real grounded awareness.

There is a bigger picture. Let Virgo be the Virgin Gooddess she is Set her free beyond the logicc and reason, beyond her microscope of perfection.

There is always a greater logic that we cannot yet see. Allow it to emerge in this vast Universe where we are all connected and interconnected. Within cycles of creation and destruction beginnings and endings. Nature shape shifts within these cycles with an elegance and fluency. Notice how she does this. Learn from her. You can do this too. Allow yourself to stumble a little. Allow yourself to fall. Compassion is your greatest gift to yourself and others.

Let go and Let God. He has taken care of you this far. Ask for his help for the next step. And keep asking for all the ones after that.

As Yogi Bhajan said.

Consult your spirit on everything.

I do.

Here’s a meditation to help with your inner critic.

You might encounter this more than once this week. Go easy and be kind to yourself. Full moons expose our shadows. Spend some time with yours. you might find it more friendly than you imagine and I bet it’ll have a better sense of humour too.

Here’s the ritual if you wish to do that. The stone for this month is Amethyst. but I’m feeling it’s very much labradorite time. It is the stone of magic and divination, that’s protective as we move through different dimensions and most importantly right now reminds us of our perfect divine self.

Until the New Moon (in Pisces), Be well and happy. Sure what else would you want to be doing:-)

And while you’re at it Please share this because after all we are all in this together and the world’s a better place when we are all being our best selves.

Big kiss and travel lightly

And if you’d like more moon reports, tips and techniques to love the life you are living

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