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Full Moon Ritual

Pod Moonstone Rings. Moonstone is the stone of the Feminine High Priestess. Teaching you to tune into the cycles of life and the cycle of the moon. For men helps them in get touch with their feminine side.

It’s the full moon in Scorpio tonight

From all accounts it’s going to be a big one.

It seems this full moon is all about clearing karma – letting go of old habits and patterns. Moving into action and living your life on purpose.

It’s also a lunar eclipse – the first of the year. The first of 3 in the next couple of months.

Now, I’m no astrologist but I feel the full moon energies rather intensely and always try to do a full moon ritual.

Why do it?

The full moon is a time of completion, a perfect time to release what no longer serves you, let go of old habits and patterns and emotional wounds. Also why ever not?

Do it within 3 days of the full moon

  1. Before you begin. Make the time sacred for yourself. Set a time about 5-10 minutes when you won’t be disturbed. Gather everything you need. Paper, pencils, markers. Light a lovely candle. Have a bath. Clear a space. Sit at your altar or at your table.

  2. When you are ready notice your breath. Bring your attention into your body. Deeply inhale and exhale as you allow your breath to flow up and down through your central spinal column washing away your day, clearing any worries or anxieties. Acknowledge any worries, thank them, then dissolve them. As your breath flows imagine a beautiful white and golden light filling you, expanding within you and around you. Anchor your body into the earth by dropping a silken cord deep down into the earth grounding you, connecting you with Mother Earth and as it moves back up opening up the gateway to your heart and crown and connecting with all that is.

  3. When you feel grounded and present invoke the guides, angels and spirits you work with. Call for as much help as you wish. Your guides love to work with you and are always happy to receive your call.

  4. Feel the golden white light surround you, protecting you as bask in its glow. Sit a few moments more and let your intentions form in your heart.

  5. You may already know what you wish to release or you may not. Ask for clarity and trust that whatever comes to mind is perfect for this time. Begin to write what you wish to release from your life, what no longer serves you, what you would like to be free from. When you are finished finish with ‘so be it’. Sign your name and date it.

  6. Fold the paper and take a moment to hold it to your heart, feel it and then burn it. Watch it turn to ashes and feel what you have written release as the smoke rises. Know that this ritual has aligned you with your spirit.

  7. Trust your prayers have been heard. Ask if your heart has a message for you as you close this ritual. It may come as a feeling, words, sounds or images. Allow a few moments for this to come through. Write it down. Sit with it for a few moments.

  8. Give thanks to your guides, archangels and spirits for their help and guidance. Come back into your body and smile knowing tat your prayers have been answered.

The full moon is also an excellent time to cleanse your crystals, make essences, moon bathe (just like sunbathing.

I’d love to hear what you notice. Leave a comment below as everyone has different experiences and it’s always interesting to hear how other are experiences the energies.

As they say as above so below.

Of course there’s another ritual at the time of the new moon where you invite what you wish to come into your life in the next moon cycle. I’ll post that one next week.

In the meantime howl as much as you like 🙂


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