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It’s not learning. It’s remembering . . .

Have you every started to do something you have never done before and it just comes so naturally that you surprise yourself, or find yourself in the middle of a conversation or thought process that sparks a flow of information that you can’t remember how you could know this stuff?

If you subscribe to the idea that we have been here before and we have lived many lives: It’s likely easier to accept that you can draw on information and skills you have gleaned over many lifetimes. If you don’t hold this belief and need a rational explanation for everything then it is harder to accept why you just know something or happen to be really good at algebra when everyone else is floundering on x + 3y = z

I recall a story of when I was studying construction (yes, I’ve had many lives even in this one:-) We were in an mechanical engineering exam, Mostly guys and maybe 2 girls working through the questions. The lecturer was a character, rather arrogant and somewhat prosaic. I also recall he was an ardent Fianna Fail supporter, think George Bush or Tony Abbott.

It became obvious there was one question a number of people were stuck on. He soon realised he had covered this with another class but not ours but it was too late to teach it now. It was the exam for God’s sake:-)

He asked if everyone was having trouble with the question. Everyone in the class raised their hand but me. He came and looked at my paper and I kid you not, he then roared to the class. ‘Come on guys, a girl has figured it out. It’s not that hard. You can’t be beaten by a girl.’

I felt embarrassed and amused but for the purpose of this story I felt I had tuned into some part of me that delivered the knowledge without my learning it. Elizabeth Gilbert might call it your elusive genius.

We spend so much time feeling we are frauds even when we are doing things we’ve done before or things people keep telling us we are good at.

Of course there are many things we don’t know, like how to dismantle an atomic bomb (but some people know this stuff and given my predilection for math I might well be able to figure this out if God forbid the occasion arose:-)

There is so much we know. We all come with a unique combination of gifts and offerings to share with the world if only we could trust ourselves to believe they are ours.

This has been so true for me with the crystals. I have learned that I choose and combine them intuitively in a way that is later reinforced by healers, books and ancient wisdom. When people first told me this I looked at them in disbelief and thought  ‘beginner’s luck’ or ‘bull****’.

I have since had several healings where I have learned I was a keep of crystal libraries in Atlantis, and it has happened too many times to just be a coincidence.

So over to you Where, what or how in your life do you just know stuff? What do people keep telling you you are good at? What do you just know?

Do share in the comments below. It where the conversation gets richer And after all we’re all in this together and you likely know something I have yet to learn


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