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Just 3 mins to change . . .

your mood, your day . . . and incrementally your life.

My fellow yogi Caroline Poon just sent me through the link for this book (there’s also a free app). I felt compelled to share it and to say buy it. I have. I have been practising Kundalini yoga (and teaching a little) for a few years now and I can say it is the most powerful yoga I have encountered. It is called the yoga of awareness and I love it. And yes, in as little as 3 minutes you can change your mood, your day and little by little your life. It has certainly changed mine.


The book has 22 simple, easy and effective techniques that work to shift the flow of energy in your body and mind and allow you to have a better moment, a better day. We can all find 3 minutes especially if it means the difference between one where you want to tear your and everyone else’s hair out; to a day where you want to compliment them all on how well their hair is looking. 3 minutes well spent I’d say:-) Do let me know how you go:-)

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