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Let’s get into it then

You know the thing of being where you are, not having any expectations and being present.

You hear it all the time,

blah di blah di blah . . .

I never got this.

I thought, I was always where I was.

Sometimes I was having more fun than others

Some people were more fun than others

Some places were more interesting

that’s just life?

Just what it meant dropped in one evening with a big aha moment

I’m a florist in case I have neglected to mention this and I was attending my first floristry event.

Now my idea of Floristry is Grandiflora 

or Tracy Deep in Sydney, Elan in NYC

Wild at Heart or McQueens in London

But the reality is most florists are operating 

a local shop and doing flowers 

for weddings, funerals and everything in between.

So one evening I attended this event 

with this sparkly Australian girl I was doing my course with

She was irreverent, funny and her own person.

We hit it off immediately.

We got to the event which was held in a RSL,

not a good start.

RSLs are ubiquitous institutions unique to Australia.

Think airline lounges of the 70’s lots of space, short on personality,

cheap refreshments (unlike airports)

full of pokies (one armed bandits to Americans and slot machines where I came from).

Not exactly high brow but utilitarian.

So we walk in for our first gathering of the state’s florists,

expecting panache and maybe a little style.

I am wearing my flamboyantly hand embroidered spanish mantilla,

Emma something else befitting a creative gathering.

We encounter a cavernous room without an ounce of ambience and largely filled with middle aged,

frumpy suburban women.

Emma and I exchanged one eye brow raising glance each –

code for ‘What have we got ourselves into’.

We both emitted a momentary sigh.

Then Emma turned to me and smiled

‘Let’s get into then shall we.’

That was my ‘aha’ moment.

We’re going to be here anyway,

let’s get amongst it and see what happens.

Of course we had a fun evening

and since then I find myself being where I am,

Life is so much more fun, interesting, (insert your favourite adjective).

when you are not wishing you are someplace else,

I have also learned, spend long enough with anyone 

and you will find a point of connection

and something to laugh about.

After all we are all in this together.

So are you where you are?

when you’re at work,

in your yoga practice, gym class, relationship, with friends.

When you are playing/hanging out with your kids

having dinner with your parents, partner?

Turn off the tv and ask how their dreams are travelling, What tickled them today?

Have a great day, get down and dirty with it, be right there with it



I smile every time I put together a bunch of flowers. I think that was x thousand dollars well spent 🙂

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