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New Moon in Aries – Time to get fired up

It’s new moon in Aries while it’s also the Sun in Aries. Translate intense and potent. It’s the first New Moon of this year’s Astrological calendar. Fire, Fire, Fire

Get the picture.

Aries is a primal energy, fiery, passionate, impulsive,  loves starting things, exploring, taking risks, discovery,  sailing uncharted territory with courage and gusto.

Aries is ruled by Mars, God of War (presently in retrograde until May 19th) in its opposing sign Libra (sign of balance, relationship and other) so this is Aries in unselfish mode feeling the need to create in contribution to community and the collective.

Who do I need to be to be true to myself while serving the community. What am I here to add?

Here comes that time to be yourself theme again. It’s not going to go away. Everything is up for grabs: work, relationships, place, nutrition, lifestyle. What do you know needs to change, What do you want to change?

Perfect time to set intentions, Perfect creative new moon

Not willy nilly stuff like your shampoo brand or your sofa cushions more what will make my heart sing or in Aries lingo ‘What will really light my fire?’

There’s a Pluto Uranus square that’s gathering intensity, which will really support this change Pluto is all about transformation regeneration and rebirth.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion or disruption, the great awakener. Think midlife crisis where you realise you’ve been living someone else’s life (likely what your parents wished for you) and you think ‘shite’ time is running out ‘Where’s the one I am meant to live?’

Think men who suddenly buy a red sports car, women run off with the pool boy. Of course those reactions are outwardly focused. They’ll soon realise that’s just running to stand still.

But, let’s just say Uranus brings a few surprises. On the collective level, Uranus influences the cultural pulse of a given time period and we’re certainly in a time where the old structures are being threatened and asked to evolve into the new consciousness.

Be aware of the intentions you are setting. And remember their impact will be bigger than just this moon cycle. But don’t get too carried away. You must believe it is achievable both consciously and subconsciously otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment, but dream big if you are willing to take the steps to make it happen, beginning over the next month, then building on these actions in the months to come.

As Cathy Pagano says about this Aries New Moon

“The Aries New Moon, birthed within the Uranus-Pluto womb, is strengthened by the addition of Jupiter in Cancer and a wide opposition from Mars. These four planets are slowly coming together to form a cardinal grand cross in the sky— a celestial call to action.

“Jupiter in Cancer opens our emotional bodies so we can integrate these transformative energies and find a new wholeness. Mars energizes our willpower as well as our desires, and Jupiter challenges us to include the desires of our community and our world.

“So you can see why this New Moon is so potent. The energy of transformation is being seeded within each of us. Find out where Aries and Mars are in your birth chart, and it will give you a good idea of the texture and focus of this new beginning and the kind of warrior energy you carry. 

Exciting times ahead.  Create them consciously, with the awareness that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so let’s create for one and all.

I’m in NZ at the moment. One of the things I came to do was go to Gibbs farm. It’s an amazing  private sculpture collection set on over 1000 acres next to the Kaipara harbour.

It’s beautiful, inspiring and heartwarming on so any levels. This self made man bought himself a country retreat and began commissioning sculptors he admired to create site specific pieces. I am sure when he began he had little or no idea what it might become. He opens the property to the public once a month completely free of charge. It felt like a gift and a privilege to visit there. To my mind it’s a wonderful example of money for good. (sure world peace and ending poverty are worthy too, but I’m a creative and art feeds us too)

Now we don’t all the resources to create things on a grand scale, but doing what we love to do and being who we want to be, allows us to shine our light and our love in the world firstly for ourselves and then our family and friends.

And then for some this love and light,  will extend further and deeper into the world.

So keep this in mind as you go deep into yourself this new moon. The world will be a better place with you becoming who you are, igniting that spark that grows into a fire within you.

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy and let me know how it goes and what comes up for you. Afterall we are all in this together.

Sending you lots of love and light


ps I’m just about to release my app

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