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New Moon in Scorpio – Are you prepared to rise from your own ashes?

So what could you complete, that would free you? Allow you to be reborn? refreshed? What patterns can you retire – for good? What new ones can you initiate, for good? Will they take you where you need to go? We’ve got a partial solar eclipse and a new Moon in Scorpio. And anyone who knows Scorpio knows she doesn’t mess about. She has no fear of the dark. She likes to drink deep from our darkest emotions to find the truth. Can you tell yourself your truth? Do you believe it when you do? Or do you need to go a little deeper? A solar eclipse needs the earth, moon and sun to align and we see the moon moving across the face of the Sun. Cool eh! This upsets the usual routine of solar energy so new things can manifest. It’s a good thing even if not always comfortable. Scorpio asks where we stand with others with their deep emotional truths and values. Can we accept them just as they are? Will they accept us just as we are? There’s no half measures here. No pretending. What do you really want? What does your soul call you to be, to do? Not others’ expectations of you; but yours. What do you truly desire? I’m now on my way back to the land of Oz after a hiatus of 4 months. This trip has been much longer than I expected. I am blessed to had have the freedomto be able to extend it. I’ve felt nurtured and supported the whole way. I’ve also felt tested. Am I really trusting spirit to guide me or am I still willing my way? Each time I think the next step is clear, Something quirky emerges that guides me differently. There’s been reconnections and releasing. New encounters and opportunities. The main theme though has been slow, slow, slow clarity,consistency, constancy, courage and commitmentwith a roaring large ‘C’ In fact a harmony of ‘C’s Nothing is truly settling yet and while I am a natural gypsy I also love my space. Community is calling, Presenting and storytelling too as well as video and podcasts. Sustainable income remains the primary challenge. What’s yours? Of course 4 months travelling hasn’t all been simple or glamorous as many perceive it to be. My passport has been in some kind of freeze frame for the past two months. My Indian visa which is normally a week long process took two months. I left Europe today and immediately came face to face with my lack of systems. A bill was left unpaid resulted in the power being cut off in my house. Not pretty when other people are staying there. I had set direct debit up, but I hadn’t followed through to ensure it truly was My electrical company did, They cut the power. The late arrival of my passport also resulted in me arriving in Mumbai with no onward flight booked (and its Diwali) and those available a minimum 3 times what I would normally pay. I am being reminded of Virgo’s structures from two new moons ago. Money structures are wagging their fingers. The moon is all about cycles infinity, life, death, rebirth. Scorpio is the master of transformation. Can you you be reborn this new moon cycle? What old emotions would you rather stop pretending aren’t there? With the solar eclipse we could be feeling this new moonfor up to 6 months so plant those seedsfor deep psychological change, for deep transformation. It could be intimate relationships or business ventures. It’s about allowing your deeps fears, vulnerabilities to emerge and owning them as completing all parts of you, while also holding your centre These are powerful energies about. Use them wisely.Use them creatively. Ask for what you want like a 5 year old petitions Santa with no concept of limits Here’s the ritual Get clear, get really clear. What is the most important thing for you relationship,peace, purpose, health Allow your priority to emerge Ask each part of you What’s next? What’s for my highest good and growth at this time? Plant the seed then tend it, talk to it,caress it into being, until it bears fruit. Do the ritual and feel into your own needs, wants and desires. October’s stone is Opal which awakens passion. We all need passion. It fuels our fire. Enjoy and let me know how you go what comes up for youwhat depths are revealed to you Until new moon time here’s the ritual x

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