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New Moon in Taurus – Time to ground

Taurus is the most earthy of signs. It’s time to ground all that has happened during the big energies of April.

We’ve seen some of our darker shadows, and glimpses of our lighter sides. It’s been a tough month for many, things that have been unstable feel even moreso.

Many have been living in the illusion of presentation instead of presence, in the manipulation of beauty rather than its essential self.

New things are beginning, projects, relationships, spring if you’re in the north, What will you begin? What will you allow to spring forth? With Taurus though it’s not about doing, it’s about being, it’s about nurturing, caring, allowing, yourself, nature and others.

After a time of rapid acceleration, we need to pull back and integrate, rest. Taurus’ goal is peace, and we get there by being, not doing.’

We are being asked to find our masculine feminine balance, our yin and yang, the balance between giving and receiving, doing and resting, talking and listening

Both this solar and earlier lunar eclipse are ruled by Venus in Pisces, so relationships, values and self worth are all at the forefront of our minds and hearts if we can keep them open.

As we are in Taurus we are also being asked what is our relationship with the Earth. The Earth that supports us so well. Try to take time to connect with it daily, to give thanks for the food you eat, the ground you walk on, the ocean you swim in, the rain that falls gently or otherwise, the sun that warms your back, and it goes on endlessly: giving and supporting us. It is now asking you to notice and once you notice feel it, see it touch it and thank it, and begin to care for it in return.

To live in awareness is to live in connection, realising we are all connected. We are all in this together, the plants, the trees, the animals, the insects, all the peoples of the earth. It’s time to realise our communion with these things and with each other.

So plant your seeds this new month in line with your values, with your dreams, with your commitment to yourself and in alignment with Mother Earth and with all others. Commit to preach what you practice, to walk your talk.

Start with small steps and recommit to take them daily.

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy and let me know how you go, After all we are all in this together.

See you at the full moon

x Eilish

I’m in NZ. I thought I was coming for 2 weeks. I’ve been here for six. I return to Sydney tomorrow. It’s been a wonderful time in this the earthiest of countries. I always describe it as the most beautiful country in the world – in my humble opinion. I’ll post some photos soon. I’m now in the South near Arrowtown which has an Autumn Festival. We participated in the scarecrow competition last Saturday. I’ve been using wifi at Provisions cafe learning to travel and work as my friend Penny put it. Provisions is a renovated miners cottage with a gorgeous garden and of course great food and coffee and lovely people to boot. They’d love to see you if you are in the area.

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