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New Moon Ritual

New Moon Time is a wonderful time, to plant new seeds, bring new ideas to light, start new projects, or revisit existing ideas with a fresh perspective.

Best done as close to the new moon as possible. It completely cool to do within 3 days of the new moon (before or after).

Before you begin. Ensure you make the time sacred for yourself. Set a time 5-10 minutes when you won’t be disturbed. Gather everything you need. Paper, pencils, markers. Light a lovely candle. Have a bath. Clear a space. Play some beautiful sacred music. Sit at your altar or table with these things. It’s your little ceremony. Enjoy it.

When you are ready notice your breath. Bring your attention into your body. Deeply inhale and exhale as you allow your breath to flow up and down through your central spinal column washing away your day, clearing any worries or anxieties. Acknowledge any worries, thank them, then dissolve them.

Begin by asking yourself How am I doing, really? What do I need? What do I want, really want? How am I feeling – physically, emotionally, mentally? How’s my spirit?

As your breath flows imagine a beautiful white and golden light filling you, expanding within you and around you. Anchor your body into the earth by dropping a silken cord deep down into the earth grounding you, connecting you with Mother Earth and as it moves back up opening up the gateway to your heart and crown and connecting with all that is.

When you feel grounded and present invoke the guides, angels and spirits you work with. Call for as much help as you wish. Your guides love to work with you and are always happy to receive your call. Ask and they will respond, watch for the signs over the next few weeks. It may come as intuition, a conversation, something you see or a change of mood or you might find you are falling in love with your life once more.

Feel the golden white light surround you, protecting you as bask in its glow. Sit a few moments more and let your intentions form in your heart.

You may already know what you wish to create or you may not. Write the things you would like to bring in this cycle of the moon. It’s always a good idea to ask for everything to be brought in for your highest good and the highest good of all involved. Ensure to use the ‘get out jail’ phrase . . . . ‘this or something better’ at the end of each of your wishes and intentions.

Fold the paper and take a moment to hold it to your heart, feel it and then burn it. Watch it turn to ashes and feel what you have written release as the smoke rises.

Know that this ritual has aligned you with your spirit. Trust your prayers have been heard. Ask if your heart has a message for you before you close this ritual. It may come as a feeling, words, sounds or images. Allow a few moments for this to come through. Write it down. Sit with it for a few moments.

Give thanks to your guides, archangels and spirits for their help and guidance. Come back into your body and smile knowing that your prayers have been answered.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. The comments are where the conversation grows and get richer. Feel free to ask and answer, share and receive. After all, we’re all in this together. Have fun with it.


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