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Last evening I saw the movie called La vie d’Autre or translated as Another’s Woman’s Life as part of Palace Cinemas French Film Festival in Sydney.

It was wonderfully funny and extremely sad.

It has stayed with me like good films do. An amazing performance from Juliette Binoche.

The essence is a woman who fell in love with a man at 25 and then woke up the following day thinking she was beginning this beautiful romance only to realise it was 15 years later.

They were married but the romance was long dead and they were about to be divorced. She had been about to embark on a career. She discovers she was extremely successful and feared by her staff. She had been this fun gentle loving girl surrounded by family and friends. It seems she now has no friends. She has a son who she now begins to connects with differently.

She has no memory of how she how she became this stranger to herself and spends the movie trying to put the pieces together. It is a poignant and illuminating study of how we can forget who we are, on the journey to

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