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Playing with Fire

From the movie Ill Manors. Great message about the impact our environments have on us, great medium and although I haven’t seen it yet, the reviews for the movie are good.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Wise men will tell you with age comes wisdom And you can’t be saved by religion unless you have faith So it makes no difference the yoots who are raised in the system You don’t have age on your side Or any positive role models in their lives that provide insight So he ain’t gonna listen As for Jake, he’s already made his decision And now he’s just another poster boy For David Cameron’s Broken Britain

It’s a universal theme: kids who fall through the cracks, whom the ‘system’ fails (in fairness not just David Cameron’s Britain), who don’t have structure, role models and a stable base (and sadly even some who have also fall through). I think it’s potent that this message is coming from a guy who has come from this background.

Love to hear what you think: Does it matter where the messages come from? How they are delivered? What could they be? What should they be?

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