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The Daily Practice

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Today didn’t start as planned. Many of my days don’t.

I’ve come to be ok with that. I used to list what I needed to do every day. I expected to get it done, because mostly I did – whatever it took, however late it was, I did it.

Now I live differently. Yes, there are still a mountain of things to be done, but I have learned that life doesn’t always turn out as you expect. I've also learned that forcing or pushing, makes it stressful for you and those around you in your life or work, and doesn’t necessarily make it happen any faster or easier. Forgive me, I surrendered to what was instead of what should be.

Instead today . . . I’ve had a gorgeous swim and a nice coffee.

My computer man came to sync my machines and it took longer than either of us anticipated.

A really nice friend helped me declutter (clothes, books and kitchen) and I photographed some pieces for my jewel sale. Notice a theme

But enough about me, back to you

Your life is the compound interest on your daily practice. What are you building little by little, day by day, year by year?

We think of practice as something we do regularly, every day, every week; like yoga, playing the piano, our work, cooking, painting, writing.

And we get better at these things because we practice. Think of Malcolm Gladwell’s now well known 10,000 hours to master a skill.

But what about things like loving, talking, listening, feeling, being, giving, receiving, judging, gossiping, sarcasm, nagging, dieting, praising, being praised, nurturing, kindness, smiling, confidence, power, sarcasm, humility, encouraging, uplifting, gentleness, allowing, surrendering, letting go, non-attachment, commitment, giggling.

These are all things we all do every day consciously or unconsciously.

You see I believe we are creating our lives in every moment, not only by what we do, but who we are being as we do it, the way we do it, what we think, and what we believe and feel. All of these impact the outcome.

So I am inviting you to experiment with me to cultivate a daily practice. To write and re-write the story, with who you are and who you want to become, what your business is and the brand it wants to grow into.

It’s a karma (every act has consequences) and a dharma (purpose, prosperity, pleasure and liberation) thing. Indeed, thoughts do indeed become things, and what we repeatedly say informs what we do. It becomes part of who we are and who we are being as we work and live is who we become

For now just begin to observe

Are you having fun or waiting to have it? Are you, your truest friend and your best supporter?

What would you like more of? What would you like less of?

Let these questions sit with you today Be your critic and then be your kindest self,

Which one feels more comfortable? Which one is more fun? Which one feels more true? Which one is more you?

If you’d like to explore creating a daily practice impacts and connects with the success of your personal and business brand, take action now and book a discovery session with me

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