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Flower fun

Flower fun (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Today didn’t go as planned. Many of my days don’t. I’ve come to be ok with that. I used to know just what I needed to do every day and I expected it to get done, because mostly I did, whatever it took, I did it.

Now I live differently. Yes, there are still a mountain of things to be done but I have learned that life doesn’t always turn out as you expect and forcing or pushing it, doesn’t make it any better and can make it pretty stressful for you and uncomfortable (read no fun at all) for those around you, so rather than this post arriving in your inbox this morning, here it is now. Forgive me for I surrendered to what was instead of what should be.

Instead . . . I’ve had a gorgeous swim and a nice coffee.

My computer man came to sync my machines and it took longer than either of us anticipated – (the reason I am writing so late). I’m unreasonably excited that he has done this, multiple and conflicting copies of stuff has long been rattling my zen. A really nice friend helped me declutter (clothes, books and kitchen feeling much lighter) and I photographed some pieces for my jewel sale. Notice a theme 🙂

But enough about me, back to you

So yesterday right here I committed to posting one post every day for a year.

This is the first one.

I won’t bore you with the terror that such a commitment generates in my body, along with a gleeful smile (of course) because I know I have truly dumped myself in it at the deep, deep end, and I am going to have to swim out of it. And 365 days is a lot of swimming for a paddler such as I, but I’m up for the challenge so  . . .

. . . now that is out of the way.

What will I write about to keep both you and I interested and entertained (because let’s face it if I’m not, then you certainly won’t be).

The theme that has been knocking consistently of late is The Daily Practice and particularly this phrase

Your life is the compound interest on your daily practice. What are you building little by little, day by day, year by year?

We think of practice as something we do regularly, every day, every week; like yoga, playing the piano, our work, cooking, painting, writing.

Of course we get better at these things because we practice. Think of Malcolm Gladwell’s now well known 10,000 hours to master a skill.

But what about things like loving, talking, listening, feeling, being, giving, receiving, judging, gossiping, sarcasm, nagging, dieting, praising, being praised, nurturing, kindness, smiling, confidence, power, sarcasm, humility, encouraging, uplifting, gentleness, allowing, surrendering, letting go, non-attachment, commitment, giggling.

These are all things we all do every day consciously or unconsciously.

You see I believe we are creating our lives in every moment, every day not only by what we do, but the way we do it, by what we think, and what we believe what we feel, if and how we allow those emotions, what we see, and how we frame it, , what we hear, and how we listen to it, receive it; and on it goes.

So I am inviting you to play with me, And ponder this and sit with it. There’s no right and wrong here, It’s just a dance,

I’ve come to learn it brings more joy, more lightness, and more beauty to the every day. And moves you closer to you and all those around you.

It doesn’t mean shite doesn’t happen. It does but somehow it seems less grave, less consuming, less WTF, OMG, less poor me, why me and only me. The shite stays less time, And even on the grittiest of days, there’s room for a grin and a smile.

I have come to notice that every action does have a reaction, maybe not immediately, maybe not directly, but sooner or later, something lands. It’s a karma and a dharma thing.

I have come to see that thoughts do indeed become things, and what we repeatedly say happens, what we do becomes part of who we are but more on that later.. . .

For now just notice,What words do you use? What thoughts do you have? What makes you frown? What makes you smile? Click To Tweet

Are you having fun or waiting to have it? Are you, your truest friend, your best supporter?

What would you like more of? What would you like less of?

Play with it, have fun with it, Be the smiler, then be the frowner, Be the bitch and then be your kindest self,

Which one feels more comfortable? Which one is more fun? Which one feels more true? Which one is more you?

Until tomorrow, have fun and remember we’re still in Full Moon energy so be kind to yourself and everyone else:-) and do the ritual if you fancy it


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