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The Wellness Project: BRAIN FOOD

Hi everyone!

I’m talking about the matter of the mind at the Wellness Project this Thursday, September  to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Love to see you there.

I will talk about the power and benefit of a daily practice, to clear your mind so you can meet your day and whatever it presents you, with equanimity and grace. If you wake up on ‘the wrong side of the bed’ just 3 minutes will change your mood and consequently your day. And as importantly the day of everyone else you interact with.


We have all experienced anger and grief, happy and unhappy, peace and anxiety. in our compare and contrast world We know and judge ourselves and others based on them.

Life certainly presents gifts and challenges and it is said that the difference between the warrior and the human is that humans label one good and the other bad. The warrior sees them all as gifts. He learns from the challenges and meets the gifts with a neutral mind.

Mental health is created through the integration of mind, body and spirit. and reaching an equilibrium with them. This means we need to train our minds to serve us, rather than us being the servant of our thoughts.

Our thoughts become things. The conversation we have with ourselves  and the ones we have with others create our worlds.

In our changeable and chaotic world it is a rare person who hasn’t experienced stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

I will be talking about the benefits of conscious creation and the role that meditation plays in keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs (returning to a state of calm in 3 minutes or less)

Our world is all about relationships, those with our partners, families, children, colleagues, community and first of all ourselves.

And yet we are not taught so little about how to be in relationship. Most of all how to cultivate the primary relationship, with ourselves which is the most enduring and intimate relationship of our human life.

When you know who you are  you become aware of your strengths, your weaknesses, your self imposed limitations, values and boundaries.

With awareness you grant yourself the choice to change what is not working for you. You then consciously choose the values and rules you live by.

You begin to see the difference between who you are and who you could be.

This in turn creates tremendous freedom. Your Yes’ and Nos come faster.

Doubting yourself begins to disappear.

This serves you and those around you. Your projection and protection becomes stronger. Your beauty radiates from the inside out

It is by holding this essence, your centre, your power that you can take care of yourself and others.

Travelling within yourself with meditation and mindfulness.

You know how to control yourself so you can respond to external circumstances ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with the same equanimity.

We’ve all experienced moments when someone close to us is dealing with tragedy, loss or their world falling apart. 

How can we be supportive while honouring their experience? 

How can we stay out of drama? How can keep our objectivity and still be loving?

What are the road signs that can spiral us and others into despair?

Thursday’s talk is a Jamie Oliver initiative represented in Sydney by the wonderful Caroline Smith-Wright will cover the happy ingredients that heal your moods, nourish your mind and elevate your brain. 

In celebration of World Mental Health Day join us to hear, watch and taste the key foods that can nourish your brain and restore balance to your gut- brain connection. We will be featuring recipes that address the brain, menopause, hormones, stress, love, and anxiety. We are also supporting World Mental Health Day and exploring the psychology of food:  how it affects and stimulates us positively and negatively. And of course we’ll be looking at habits;  eating, speaking, thinking and moving.

Come listen, learn and play with these amazing speakers and cookery demos.

It promises to be a great morning in Mosman. Look forward to seeing you there.

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