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To err is human . . .

. . . to forgive is divine.

We do the former all the time. Well I do at any rate.

I get it wrong in a myriad of ways. I say the wrong thing.

I do the wrong thing. I forget to do things. I forget to say things and the list goes on.

We hear a lot about forgiving others – those who trespassed against us (yes I was brought up Catholic) but what about forgiving ourselves.

We are often our toughest critics, our own worst enemies.

I forgive myself for not writing more, for not seeing my Dad more often. for doing what I am drawn to do rather than what I ‘should’ do (I might have to forgive myself for this again tomorrow:-)

I forgive myself for not getting up at 6.00 every day to do my sadhana, for having that extra coffee, for not spending more time with with my Mum, for not following my planner. Oh it’s a long list. I could be here for hours.

So let’s start with that.

As they say forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

What could you forgive yourself for? Write it in the comments then inhale deeply to where it is in your body, then, exhale letting it all go.

Release it to the white light where it will dissipate and dissolve . . .

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that feels better already. Have a great day

x Eilish

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